Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spider update and beads

Well, my spider is GONE :( It was really cold and rainy yesterday and I think she got washed away. I did get a glimpse of her mate and when I went to photograph him the next day he was gone. I guess they mated. He was gone and she had a sack of eggs in the middle of her web. Her web is empty now. There is a huge hole in the middle where she used to hang out. I think her sack of eggs is still on the web though. Poor Fiona...

Well the last couple of days I have made some really cool beads. I finally got to make a "magic beads" set out of stone ground. I did find out that Stone Ground doesn't react the same way to Copper Green and Dark Turquoise the way that Opal Yellow does. It does, however react with EDP and Rubino, so I used EDP and Rubino to be the precursor for color reactions and added in the other colors touching them to get the "magic" effect. I will have to attach pictures of those later. Lucas, being the SUPER FANTASTIC friend that he is has offered to lend me his camera until I get a new one(hopefully in the next week or two). So, pending we don't have any computer issues I should have some new pics up soon.

I made a few more organic style beads like my "Song of the ancients" bead( you can see this bead if you click on my flickr slide show) only I did them on a base of Tequila Sunrise Coral odd lot and Pea Green. Unfortunately, a kinda dotty raked area on the Coral bead cracked. I am about 95% positive that one spot has a crack in it because it is dichro, then Raku, and then clear. They all aren't totally compatible and since they were all kinda melted in together they weren't happy. I will show a photo of this bead later as well.

I also made my 3rd Goddess out of CiM Plum. She also cracked in a spot, but I am 95% sure she cracked in a spot on her legs because the glass was too thin. It was where I made the crease for her legs. Again, more photos later. I also rolled her in some Raku. I was inspired by some of Teresa Laliberte's amazing Goddess beads. I think I am going to have to have her tutorial on how to make them! Pretty much everyone that I have showed them to says they LOVE them and they all, including myself aren't usually into Goddesses ;)

Well I guess that's all for now. I think I am going to list two more items on Etsy (since I can't take any new pics) and get some cleaning done around the house.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Feiticiera said...

Lame... she came and went so quickly :(

Genea said...

I know right?! I thought she would at least be around until Halloween :(

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