Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boxed in

So I have come to figure out great deal of interesting things over the past few days. Most of you that know me well know that I am an organized person and a perfectionist. I have found that sometimes those are NOT redeeming qualities. Especially when it comes to creativity. I have come to find that most really creative people are NOT super tidy(that doesn't mean that they are totally gross slobs or anything) it just means that they don't always clean up their bead mat, or desk or whatever creative area in which they work promptly after working. This right here allows creative things to happen. This allows those left over random things to end up sitting next to some other random thing and inspire something creative that you might not have put together if you didn't just happen to see it side by side. Here is one of those things...

My "Space Orbit," pendant on Etsy. This just happened to come together that very way... Crazy huh?

Other things that really creative people do is NOT be afraid to try something because it might not turn out too pretty. It is amazing to see what ends up being inspired by a flop! Here is anotherMy "Wing Dings". These were inspired by a simple bead that just wasn't going round. I furiously took the bead and mashed the bottom with a masher and then went "OH!" Great idea... why not smash the other side?... and VOILA! The "Wing Ding," was born. They are pretty popular too. I think its because they are an interesting shape and open up great possibilities for designs. My art teacher in highschool used to call these phenominons "Happy little accidents." OMG! When knew she was right?! I mean she was a teacher in highschool. What they hell do they know anyways?! ;)
Another one of my favorites that she said was I also liked "No risk, No art"! I think it was even a sign that was up in the art room. It's TOTALLY true!

So for an easy recap incase this is WAY too much reading for you....

Sloppy mess = Creativity
No having to follow a certain design = Creativity

These reasons may be the reason I was feeling totally "boxed in". I wasn't allowing myself to be creative all the way since being a perfectionist means there MUST be rules and a certain way to do things...

Who knew? I was feeling pretty Zen today. I hope my pearl of wisdom lets all of those other perfectionists out there just RELAX.

Much love,



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