Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OMG shes got a mate!... and bead stuff

Ok so I am lame and totally excited about my garden spider that has decided to make my porch her new home. I am going to call her Fiona btw so when I say "Fiona" you will know about whom I am talking.. more on her name later.... ANYWAYS... I was checking on Fiona tonight to see if she had gotten any dinner. I even tried to turn off my porch light and turn it back on hoping that this poor helpless moth would fly into her web... ANYWAYS.... when I looked up I saw her MATE! The article said he might even be hanging out in a web right by hers. He TOTALLY IS! SO her web is spreading from the top awning of my porch to the railing and his is in the awning above where the top of her web is. HOW COOL! He is so *teeny* compared to her. I tried to take a pic of him, but it is too dark outside and I can't get close enough to him to take a macro photo. I guess I will try to snap a pic of him tomorrow.

I guess I am just really enjoying all of the little critters and nature around my home. There were surprise lillies that popped up in summer, surprise mums that sprouted out of nowhere, my giant leopard moth caterpillar (which is MIA at the moment. I hope to find him when he hatches), and now my spiders :D I totally have to take a pictures of the beautiful trees in my yard too. I have two GIANT old trees in my front and backyard along with some other really nice ones. Maybe having creatures to inspect is fun for me because I am learning something new. I dunno, but I am totally entertained. Oh yeah... I suppose you want to know why Fiona well there is a song on Fiona Apple's cd called "the first taste", and that made me think of my spider.

Ok now we can talk about beads ;) So I worked on making twisties when I got home from the gym to us for my snow people's scarves. After an hour of cane pulling I worked on some snow angel's, a few snow girls and I think I made one scarf girl. I was pooped after that. White glass is so mushy and just moves in all the ways you don't want it to. Ugh... I totally burned my finger on one of the snow angel's faces. My hand slipped when I was poking my cold stringer in it's face to make the eyes. Luckily it was just a quick tap so it just barely got my skin. It doesn't even hurt. Who knows I could be getting immune to the burns too! I swear I about burn my hand every time I fuss too long about getting my bead in the kiln. I have to be really careful so my beads don't *kiss* eachother. That totally sucks when they do!

I totally didn't get to taking more pics of my stuff for Etsy either. I even had some good literature for my Etsy listings too. I guess my mind was feeling eloquent. Maybe I will get off of her and take some new pics now...

Have a good night.

Much love,



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