Monday, September 29, 2008

There's an amazing world around us

So today I was amazed by the beauty that surrounds us. My first encounter was the orange thing that I could see growing in my yard from my studio window. You know how curiosity is... I had to go inspect this bright orange plant growing in my yard.

Holy crap! It's mums! I didn't really think I liked them, but they are really pretty.
I have no idea what flower this is, but it was growing like crazy everywhere! It covered a good corner of my yard along with the white flowers below. No idea what those are either?
They look like little tiny fuzzy stars :)
Later while I was in my studio this little guy was actually on the inside screen. I flicked him from the inside and he landed on the ground. I guess he really wanted to see me because he made his way back inside to the middle of the floor in the basement. I carefully scooped him up. I was hoping he wasn't poisonous. I mean it's not like I was going to eat him or anything so I figured he was safe to pick up. God love the internet for being a plethora of information. This little guy is a Giant Leopard Moth
OMG! He is going to be BEAUTIFUL! I really hope he decides to stay so I can see him become this amazing moth! I have NEVER seen a but like this before..

Take some time out tomorrow and be amazed at the world around you. You won't be disappointed.


Feiticiera said...

Quit being so upbeat lol :P

That's actually a pretty cool find... although pretty moth or not... still grosses me out a little lol

Mothman Prophesies anyone? ;)

I'll call you tomorrow or Thursday... no work on Friday for my b-day!! woot! :D

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