Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Estes Park, CO and Fort Collins, CO

I thought you all would like to see where I went this past weekend for my SIL's Wedding.

Here is a picture of the outside of the cabin where we stayed for Aime's wedding in Estes Park, CO.
Here is a picture of the family room inside of the cabin. You can see Nana and Ricky(my hubby) and Amelia (the great dane)in the background.
Here is a picture of the kitchen view. In the very far background by the sink is my MIL, then you can see Nana in pink and my FIL in the foreground.
Here is a pic of the dining room.
Here is a view from outside of the cabin on the right.
Here is a shot from the left of the cabin.
Here is a shot from downtown Estes Park.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this beautiful bronze fairy in downtown Estes Park, CO.

Here are the crazy Holly Hock's that were growing in my MIL's front yard by the garage. I couldn't believe how well they were growing in Colorado's dry climate. I guess they got a lot of rain this season.
Here is a closer shot of the beautiful yellow flowers.
Holy sunflower batman! This is a close up shot of a sunflower that was growing on the side of the house by the garage.
Here you can see just how tall it is in comparison to the height of the fence.

And finally their backyard patio. I love to sit out here on the swing! We would come to their house on chilly fall nights to hang out. We would light up the chiminea, drink red wine and smoke the hooka! It is a total blast!

Well I hope you enjoyed some pictures from my trip to lovely Colorado!

Much love,



Feiticiera said...

in picture three, they have my friggin bar stools!!!! Jerks! >:(

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