Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slug babies?

Well that is definitely something you don't see every day! It was pouring rain last night from Gustav's crazy weather and here are these 2 slugs on the basement door to the studio.

Here you can kinda see them swirled around eachother.
In this one you can see it coming out of one of their mouth's.

Crazy huh? I just thought it was pretty crazy that it was absolutely pouring buckets out last night and there they were on the outside of the door frame having babies or something. Nu


Ashley said...

Umm.. gross lol. Did you put on some Barry White for them. :)

Genea said...

LOL. I know right?!

Feiticiera said...


Gross... I HATE slugs!

Feiticiera said...

*pukes* gross I HATE slugs!

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