Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok people,

I am seriously on bead LOCKDOWN until Thurs. I have my show @ Bearden's Bearden's website
on Sept 27th from 10-4pm. I am making some last minute things for the next few days so no time to screw around! I am also working on that special project. Oh yeah, speaking of special.... I forgot to post my special *secret* surprise for someone. Um... yeah.... well I guess that was all for now :D hehehehehe.


Ashley said...

Ahh good luck!! I know it's going to be amazing. You need to take lots of pictures so I can see all of your stuff!

And thank you again I LOVE my pendant. I can't wait to get a chain so I can wear! I left that other chain at home :(

Genea said...

Thanks! Me too! I will.

Sure thing! You could always use that same piece of hot pink silk that your other pendant is on. ;)

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