Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ombre- variegated color hair

Hello friends!

I am super stoked about my new hair! Back when I was in high school I always wanted purple hair. My mom always told me how pretty my red hair was and that I shouldn't dye it. Well I guess it must have stuck because I have only dyed my hair 3 times in my life(hard to believe huh?). The first time was blondish highlights(wish I could find a pic). The second time  I had high lights  and  low lights put in my hair with 2 shades darker underneath. I really loved it!

1 shade lighter, one shade darker, and natural hair color.
2 shades darker underneath.

Over the years I have just cut my hair. The first daring one was really short. I had always loved the look of the reverse bob hair cuts, but never thought I could pull one off.
Side. I love the look, but short hair is pretty high maintenance. I am not really a high maintenance girl. As I have aged I get bored with spending hours in the bathroom getting ready ;p

So I let my hair grow out.

... get really LONG. 

Then this year I decided to just do whatever I wanted with my hair. Just be myself. It' is *just* hair and it will grow back.  I now know that I can rock my hair short, so if I get bored, off it goes! 
I blame, well not really blame, but I guess thank, Lemonade Mantras for letting me get in tune with my greatest self. In part of the process you need to do some meditating and visualizing. This is really hard for me cause I can barely sit still and just relax. So to help myself I made a Pinterest board to help with my visualization. Here is my board My Style.

So I really contemplated this hair thing. At first I thought well I could just dye the tips right? I could always cut them off when I get bored and won't have to wait forever to grow them out. I talked with my friend Virgil that works at Blo salon in downtown KC.  He suggested I get an "Ombre". It is color variegated hair that fades from your natural color to other natural hair colors or wild ones. Well you know how much I love color, so this was my chance for that funky hair I had always wanted. 

At first I wanted "my colors," but lime green and aqua wouldn't fade quite right with my red.
So Virgil suggested: red, purple, or pink for a better fade.
So I chose pink and purple. So I guess for these to do a nice fade you start with the first color and then progressively fade into the next ones. So on with the PURPLE!

So before you can apply the color you need to STRIP off the natural stuff. Onto the bleach. Is it bleach? Well whatever it's called that they use to strip off your color to blonde.
WOW! Look at how VIVID that color is! :D The dark in the bottom of the bowl is the dye and you can see the color from the swipes of the brush against the bowl.

This is how it looked in my hair! I LOVE it! 

Glad I got brave and just jumped in! Here you can see me wearing my LOVELY Maku heart :D

I hope that maybe this post will encourage you to just be yourself and do those things maybe you were too afraid to do in the past. Its such a wonderful feeling to start becoming your best self!

xo Genea


Anonymous said...

Aaah, your hair looks AWESOME!! I love the color and the cut on you!

Genea said...

Thanks so much! I love it! I can't wait to add in some more colors :)
xo Genea

Beth Hemmila said...

Love it!! Especially how you looked at your Pinterest Style board and saw your passion for color and applied it to your hair. Purple's my fav! Thank so much for sharing your transformation with me :)

Genea said...

Thanks Beth!! It was really fun to do. I really love it! Thanks so much for leading the way!

xo Genea

A Half-Baked Notion said...

The hair colour rocks! I loved your comment, "It is *just* hair and it will grow back"... that is what I kept repeating to myself over the years whenever one of my boys would do something crazy with their hair. Well now they all are past that stage. Maybe it's time for Mum to do something crazy LOL... purple looks good!

SueBeads said...

It looks GREAT Genea! It was cute to see your different looks, too!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is awesome! I might have to do that sometime. I love the bright color and the fact that it will fade out. So cool! Enjoy the day. Erin

Genea said...

Thanks Sue! He he. I'm glad you enjoyed my very "safe" walk through my hair styles ;)

Thanks Erin! Yeah, do! It's so fun! Me too! You know how I love color :D Well it will still be bright it will just not be so dark. It turns out super dark at first. You do the same!

xo Genea

Skye said...

Fabulous! LOVE that :D I did something similar, but just by myself .. with Koolaid :) I did a raspberry kind of shade on the bottom half. Faded enough now that I'm deciding what to do now. And yeah, that's always been my mantra... ' it's just hair... it'll grow back, the color will fade or you can redye it, or you can cut it shorter'. I hear people complain all the time about their hair... people.. it's just hair! you don;t like it... change it! you don;t like THAT .. slap a hat on ;) lol

Genea said...

Thanks Skye! Me too! I can't wait to get the second color on the bottom :D

sounds fun! Yep, it will always grow back, so why not?! That's right! Love your spirit!

xo Genea

Genea said...

Half baked notion- Thanks so much! I was so excited to jump in and do something crazy to my hair!

Lol, it's true though, right? It *is* just hair and it will grow back ;) Yeah give it a try! It's a nice freedom to just do something cause you feel like it. Who cares what anyone thinks! Do it for YOU! Thank you!

xo Genea

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