Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Magic of MAKU- Beads arrived from Maku Studio!

Hello friends!

Wow, I have just been SHOWERED in beads this week! I was so excited to receive my beads from Marianne Kasparian of MAKU Stuido! I have been lusting after Marianne's hearts for awhile now! You may remember that I had sent her some of my lampwork head pins that I made especially to match her work. Now I get to see just how well those matches are since I have some of my very own MAKU beads on my bead mat! :D 
Here is what was inside of the envelope :D

WOW! Aren't these incredible?! Just look at all of that color and texture on the barrel bead! Isn't my little birdie sweet too? :) 

WOW! Check out the color on these "Galaxy" beads! Aren't they just amazing! They are definitely cosmic! 

Look at this button! I just love these wonderful quenched earth looking crackles with the rainbows on top! 

... and THESE.... I am speechless! They are even more beautiful in person if that is even possible! Marianne is just so incredibly talented! She just makes that raku SING! I am so excited to get this on my neck and in my ears I can hardly stand it! They are just so beautiful!! Looks like I am going to need some of those matching headpins from my shop to add to my earrings ;) 

Marianne, thank you so very much for your generosity and sharing your wonderful art with me! I am so grateful to own (and soon wear) this amazing little works of art! You are truly gifted! 

Thanks for stopping by to oogle my beadies with me! 

So what are you waiting for? Go run to her shop and get one for yourself! 

See you soon!

xo Genea


MAKUstudio said...

So happy that you like everything, Genea! Thanks so much for the beautiful headpins you made for me and for the blog love!

Genea said...

Oh how could I not! You make the most amazing Raku beads! Awww you are so welcome!! Anytime! :D

xo Genea

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