Friday, August 17, 2012

Marsha Neal Studio- Bead Box Arrived!

Hello friends!

YAY!! My box from Marsha arrived today! :D:D:D I always love receiving bead boxes from my artsy friends!

I was really excited to get a box today with some bad news I got when I sat down to work on some color testing today.
So yeah that little curly q wire back there. Um... it's pretty important. It's the heating element and it crapped out today! Luckily all of your wonderful ladies that are participating in my sale helped me pay for the new $70 part! *whew* So yay for sales and getting my new element ordered. If you are EVER in the market for a glass kiln, I would highly recommend The Glass Hive! They are amazing! I have had my kiln for over 4 years with NO problems until today, and the elements only have a 4 year life anyways, so I would say that's a HIGH QUALITY kiln. Did I mention that they are super nice and helpful as well? So awesome all around!

Ok, now back to the BEADS!

Yay! Here is my box! No peeking! 
Here is what the inside looked like. Don't you just love the pretty tape and tissue?
If I had to guess, I would say Marsha likes purple and pink ;) Isn't this wonderful? I just LOVE opening up packages and having things in pretty boxed with pretty tape and tissue! It's such a gift to open up beads when they are wrapped up like this!
Yes, this is *just* a box, but look at it! Deep down I *am* a girl and I like little and cute things(shhhh don't tell anyone! I have a reputation to uphold!) I am just in love with these little boxes! I need to find out where Marsha got them ;) Moving on...
Oooooohhhhh! Look what was in the purple tissue! Some of Marsha's new disc beads! On the left are the "Garden Succulents" and on the right are the "Rustic Patina's. I just LOVE the rainbowyness and really digging on this rustic stone/matte thing! These are REALLY amazing!
Here is a size photo. Look how BIG these are! Aren't they wonderful! As you may know when buying beads photos don't totally show you just how big or small things are. I mean it's in the descriptions, of course, but it's always exciting to see just how big or small they are in your hands :D

Mmmmm look at the glaze on this one! Isn't it beautiful?! It's SO me!

Mmmmm look at these discs! AWESOME! Just my colors! I LOVE this tanzanite purple too! So pretty!

Look how teeny the "shards" are :D They are so gorgeous too! I love this half dipped look to them. The dark matte clay with the matte glaze! So dreamy! These are the Choclate somethin' somethin' ones, I forget the exact name.

YUM! Limey, greeny, aquay goodness! I just love this 2 tone glaze and these wonderful twist beads in "Bright Green Blue".

OMG it has just been so wonderful to do so many trades with so many talented artists! I am so excited about these beads I want to sit down and start designing something(just as soon as I am done posting my blog ;)

Marsha, thank you so very much for all of these wonderful beads! You just spoiled me with so many beautiful pieces! I just love your wonderful beads and mad glazing skills! 

Thanks for stopping by to check out my loot! 

I hope those of you that are at Bead Fest are having a wonderful time! 

I hope those of you(like me) that aren't are having a good time checking out our other beady friends sales online!

Have a fantastic weekend!

xoxo Genea


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