Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Belated Birthday Present from Karen!

Hello friends!

I just wanted to share some eye candy with you. Yesterday I received my belated birthday present "Part 1" from my dear friend, Karen :D

Just incase you wanted to know what love looks like, it's something like this....
I always get excited when I see a box from this sender ;)

Yay! All wrapped up in a pretty sari silk bow! Love the colors!

Awww a card with my name and a flower on it :D

The first look inside...
Mmmmm lime green and aqua! My favorite colors!! :D
Look at these beautiful warm hued beads! Some heat patinated rings and loops, a gorgeous toggle, patinated copper chain, patinated shelld in copper, and these little rufled flower cups in a deep olive and bluish! This will be PERFECT for my Collab design I am making for Staci and my limited addition sets
Here is a heart similar to the one I have for the collab jewelry. Yeah, UH-MAZING huh?! I bet you can't wait to get your hands on one when we release them! 

Aren't these magical? I just love all of these colors together. Wait a second... you know what will match perfectly???
My "Bright Earth" wing dings!(they are currently out of stock, but I will be making more this week ;) I wonder if she planned that?? :D

OMG YUM! Karen's new BRIGHT PATINATED chain, loops, clasp and connector! In lime and blue, my favs!! :D These will also go swimmingly with another design I have in the works for Staci and my collab sets! So exciting!! 

Ok so I will show you what I am going to pair up Karen's new patinated works with, at least ;) One of Staci's amazing Batik donuts(Yeah, I bet you can't wait for these either! ;)!

Yucatan green, how do I love you so, let me count the ways..... *swoon* Karen and I LOVE this color combo. We love matching it up with my Okey Dokey Artichokey glass beads ;)
This photo is kinda teeny cause it's a cell photo, but trust me, they are magical together!

All I can say is WOW, and how grateful I am for such amazing artistic friends! I remember recalling how much I wanted some super creative friends that would gift me with their art for birthdays and Christmas' and things. Looks like I got more than one gift huh? <3 p="p">

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Genea


Karen Totten said...

Lovely post my dear - I LOVE seeing all these beads together and the work in progress!!!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Happy belated birthday! Wow a box full of yummy gorgeousness could you want for anything more.

Shelby Foxwell said...

Happy belated Birthday! Now that's the kind of birthday present I want! Such a wonderful array of colors and components!

Genea said...

So glad you enjoyed it Karen! Thank you SO much! I love seeing our beads in happy piles together :D

Thanks so much Therese! I agree!!

Thanks Shelby!! Yeah, it was SO exciting to get this amazing present! I agree! So many wonderful little treasures. I can't wait to finish up my designs!

xo Genea

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Late!

Seriously, they need to start making Artichokey again. I only have a 1/4 lb of it, otherwise, I'd share with you. I remember suggesting Spring Willow to you a while back... I finally tried it out, it's vastly different from Artichokey, but it's a really nice color. Have you tried it yet?

Genea said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks so much! I just sent ya over an e-mail! Thanks so much for stopping by :) xo Genea

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