Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MAKU Studio and Starry Road Studio specially designed headpin PAIRS now in the SHOP!

Hello friends!

Well they are HERE! You remember me telling you about the new headpins I created especially for MAKU Studio and Starry Road Studio, right? Well what kind of a person would I be if I didn't make more for the rest of you lovely people?! Sooooo I got to work and make some wonderful PAIR sets(can you believe it?!)! I was surprised at how many of you asked me for matching pairs. 

Generally pairs aren't my favorite because I am a crazy person when it comes to matching them up. So I generally make double of what I need   to match them up as closely as I can. I am so excited about these new pair sets. I am curious to see how you all will like these compared to my normal 5-7ish sets of glass headpins. 

Also, per a discussion with my Bead Babes on Facebook, we decided it would be best to leave the steel wire untreated. Many artists out there are really getting into patinas and such so for that reason they are being left "raw". I will get to work on a short tutorial on coating your wire when you have a design completed since I will need to do this myself for some earrings I made. So keep a look out for that on the top tab of my blog where the "tutorial" button is. 

I have heard that you can add patinas to steel so I am really curious about that. You can use Renaissance Wax and Clear Guard to coat your wire. So again, I will be working up something, but need to get it figured out myself ;)

"Ammonites and Galaxies"- I would have to say this set is my very FAVORITE. Look at the AMMONITES! Do you see that webbed rainbow bottom too? OMG! Trust me, these are so incredible you will hardly be able to believe it. There is SO much detail I could take like a million photos and still not have taken enough. Did you see the galaxy ones too?! SOOO pretty!!

Electric Lime Stone "Rainbows and Threads" Um.. yeah, if you aren't immediately impressed by the color, there is no hope for you ;P Just look at that ivory too! I LOVE the matte base with the super shiny dots and the stone bottoms! SO awesome!

"Rainbows, Threads and Buttons"- If that rainbow bubble button was a pool I could swim inside of it for hours. It's just dreamy.

"Silver Threads and Stars"- Can you imagine gliding through space floating through stars? That is what these make me think of.

I can't even explain how excited I was about how amazingly all of these turned out. I hope you love them as much as me! 

So you may have noticed that I listed on Wednesday instead of Thursday, right? Well the universe decided this for me yesterday when my oxygen concentrator crapped out on me. I guess my resonator went out. Luckily it's only a $35 part and an easy fix! *whew* I am SO glad I don't have to send my whole concentrator away for maintenance! 

I would have a photo here of the part, but my friend Brandon stole it to see if he could make a better one out of metal ;) Gotta love mechanically inclined boys ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

xo Genea


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