Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trades and Collaborations- Marsha Neal Studio

Hello friends!

Wow, it has been such an exciting time! I have been enjoying so many wonderful trades and collaborations with some very talented artists! Marsha, is no exception! I got the pleasure of getting to know Marsha better through our Bead Babes group on Facebook :) 

I forget how we even go to swapping, but Marsha had asked me if I could create her some earring pair glass headpins to be the centers of these new flower caps she had been creating.. She gave me a link to one of her Pinterest boards for some ideas on what she liked. Her only request was BRIGHT. Pft.. got that covered! Well I must say there was so much wonderful stuff on there I wasn't really sure what the heck I was going to make. Luckily for me when you ask for "colorful" you can pretty much hit just about anywhere and get something you like.

Here are Marsha's Flower Cap beads :D Aren't they wonderful?! I love that Marsha takes so many wonderful photos of her process!
Isn't it delightful that her caps fit on her fingers? :) I have been loving photos of artists hands with their work more and more. They are photos of the creator and their art :)
Just LOOK at all of them!!

Here you can see all of them loaded into her kiln.

So off to work I went to create some bright headpins for Marsha.
Here are the designs I created for her. I tried to pick the brightest colors I could think of with some nice textures and shapes.

Marsha snuck off to her studio to try out the new caps when she received her headpins. Aren't they wonderful?? :D
Marsha had just started doing some new glazing and these were some of the new caps. SO my colors! 
Well in the midst of her glazing she said she was inspired to do some matching to my headpins! How exciting is that?! I love that she was so inspired by them she started some test glaze matches and began working!
Here is are her new matching caps glazed.
Here is a photo of her new glazed caps with my headpins! :D:D:D

and HERE are some of the new caps from her next round of glazing!! So exciting! I just LOVE ALL of them! 

Now that you are all crazy inspired, why not hop over to Marsha's shop and load up! Oh did I mention she is having a SALE?!  Actually a lot of your favorite beady artists are! Here is a link to some of the other ladies sales!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Happy Sunday!

xo Genea


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