Thursday, August 9, 2012

Show me your WEENY! Introducing NEW "Weeny Dings"!

Hello friends! 

Well we finally got back to work with the recovery of our oxygen concentrator!

Here you can see Brandon hard at work taking apart my concentrator to replace the new part. Kinda scary that the concentrator just kind of falls out all over the place when you remove it's outer layer.
The cluprit! Here is the resignator. As you can see it's plastic, not really the best material for such an important piece. What had happened is that either the top or bottom little tubey piece had snapped not allowing the oxygen to flow through this piece and come out of the nozzle and into the oxygen hose.
It's amazing how much better my concentrator works now! Yay!!

I have really been enjoying Marsha's process photos, so here is one of my own. Here are the beads soaking in the bead bowl after being removed from the mandrel. The beads are then dremmeled clean, and towel dried :)

The back story....

So how did this new design come about? Well during one of Karen and my late night chats, she had asked me if I ever thought of making smaller "Wing Dings".  As you may know, Karen is a maker of tiny beads with the help of her elves. I forget all of their names, but I know there are at least 3 ;) 
So off to work I went to make teeny tiny wing dings. OMG, it WORKED! Not only did it work, but they were perfect! They were totally "Karen Size"(what I call small sized things since Karen's work is so detailed and tiny)! 
I got to work on a wonderful little run of beads for Karen for some of her creations! Here is the result of combining our wonderful ideas!

Introducing "Lagoon" Weeny Dings! All of those amazing: teals, aquas, deep india ink blue and, of course lime green!

To give you an idea of just how small these beads are here you can see this set in my hand.
Aren't they so precious?! 
Here you can see them in my hand with a "standard" sized "Wing Ding". I just love their amazing teeny shape!
In honor of creating these special beads I used some of my star links and patinated hoops from Karen! I just HAD to use some of our fav colors together! I also created a special super teeny pair of earrings for my friend Kathy's daughter, Zoe :) They were just so sweet and tiny I thought they would be the perfect "my first Genea Beads" earrings for a little girl :D

Here are some of Karen's beads that would be amazing paired with our new weeny dings!

 Check this out! I even have some awesome patinated metals by Karen from my b-day stash! Woo hoo!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our new Weeny Dings! 

Have a great weekend!

xo Genea


lunedreams said...

Awesome!! I love just about anything mini, and these are too fun! Your standard Wing Dings are so cool, and mini sized they are even more irresistible! I love that they fit in the center of Karen's fabulous gears, I love her work! Love the transparent glass with the stoneware.

Genea said...

Thank you so much for your kind words :) Me too! It's so fun to combine our beads together :D

xo Genea

Linda said...

These are delightful! Perfect for earrings!

Genea said...

Thanks so much Linda! I agree ;)

xo Genea

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