Saturday, July 28, 2012

HOT, HOT, HEAT and NEW Glass Headpins designs- MAKU Studio and Starry Road Studio

Hello friends!

Yeah, it is a band actually(post title), but this time I am talking about the weather. To say it has been hot is an understatement. You know it's bad when you see church signs like this! LOL. One of our local churches had the same message, but I just copied this one since I didn't get a chance to snap a pic here. 

So due to the weather production was SLOW this week. The one "break" we had in the weather after a storm made the temp drop, but the humidity PEAK. I think humidity is worse than super hot temps honestly. So I opened the window thinking I was going to get a good lampworking day in only to cut it short. 

I did, however, create some GORGEOUS NEW glass headpins. I didn't end up having time to list them this week, but you can expect to see them this coming week!

So how did these new designs come about? Well I had the extreme pleasure of doing a trade with Marianne Kasparian of  MAKU Stuido! Marianne asked me if I could make some headpin pairs for her to use in her work. Below is some of Marianne's incredible clay masterpieces.

Here are some of her AMAZING hearts! I just LOVE the ones with the nails!

This one even has a little heart window cut out! So awesome! You know how I love negative space and look at that COLOR! Wow!

Tiny ones for earrings???! OMG!

You might also recognize Marianne's work by her fabulously funky little birds. Look! This guy is even in my favorite colors! ;)
Maybe you recognize her work by her incredible ammonites. Aren't the just outstanding??!

So with her styles and colors in mind, I got to work creating matches. How often do we get to do this as artists(get to "copy" a style in your medium to match)??! As you may know that answer is, not often. So I put on my designing cap and dug into my glass. I picked out colors, silver leaf, fine silver wire, reactive and heat color changing glasses(raku) to make complimentary headpins.

I remembered seeing this gorgeous heart with that rim of bright lime green. I immediately thought of one of my odd lot glasses!
Here is a close-up of the bright green color along with the gorgeous rainbows in Raku.

I also wanted to create some headpins to match these raku fired beads that have an ivory hue to them with a band of silver around the core. 

Of course, I had to try some ammonites as well...

Here are the results!  From the top middle clockwise: Ammonite shell accents with Raku bottoms, raku bubble button dots with bands of sis and raku bottoms, black with a band of sis and fine silver dots, BRIGHT electric lime droplets with raku and stone bottoms etched, black with raku and stone bottoms etched, black raku stone bottoms etched with shiny bubble buttons, black with sis spirals etched and bubble buttons, black with sis bottom dot and shiny raku hearts, and raku spiral electric lime pods!
Here is the back view.

 WOW! Can you believe this fantastic collection of matching headpins?! I was SO EXCITED by the results!
Here is a close-up of all of that amazing "webbed" Raku COLOR! OMG! It's sooooo pretty!!

My good friend Karen had nudged me to see if I was going to make some more.  She had also asked me about a special design for an idea she had.
Here are the headpins I made for Karen. Some are similar to the ones above except for the 2 sets on the far left. The ones closest to the raku and electric lime pods are black with "curdled" sis dots and roundish. 
The other pair was this idea I had wanted to create especially for Karen. As you may know, her business name is "Starry Road Studio". 
Here is a close-up of the design.  I call these "Galaxy" Headpins.

There is black at the top scattered with far away stars and then some dots of silver for more visible stars. There is a band of "asteroids" next and then a rainbow "nebula" at the bottom! Aren't they just INCREDIBLE?! I just adore them! 

So this is what you can expect to see in the shop coming up this week!

See ya soon!

xo Genea


Lori Anderson said...

I bought a bunch of her pendants -- I want some of your head pins -- heading to your shop!

Karen Totten said...

Oh these look so much yummier in person! I ADORE my galaxy head pins!

Alice said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! I want some!

Genea said...

Lori- Oh I bet you just adore them! I can't wait to receive my goodies from her!

Karen- You are so sweet to say so! I agree. I do my best to capture their amazing details, but I agree that holding them in your hands is the best way to view them!

Alice- Thanks so much! I will let ya know when they are available :)

xo Genea

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Those headpins are all miniature works of art, Genea... gorgeous!

Genea said...

I agree! I was thinking the same thing as I made them. It's a challenge to get so much detail onto such a tiny "canvas" ;) Thank you so much! :)

xo Genea

MAKUstudio said...

OMG!!! I finally opened my package! The headpins are gorgeous!!! I'm so impressed with your work...thank you so much!!! They are each little works of fact, I'm not sure that I can sell them...I may keep them for myself and put them on display. They are SO beautiful! Thank you again Genea! The heart will be ready early next week, but will be a few more weeks for matching pieces. Thank you for your patience!

Genea said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited you opened your package!! Awww thank you! That means so much coming from you! Thank you so very much for your kind words :) You are so welcome! Thank you so much for the inspiration and trade! Yay! I can't wait! No worries at all! Of course ;)

xo Genea

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