Thursday, July 12, 2012

Box of treasures- Beads, Components & Jewelry- Staci Louise

Hello friends!

I am SOOOOO excited about the most recent box I received from Staci! Wow, does this girl SPOIL me! Our most recent exchange came about from one of our conversations. Staci was talking with me about us creating some designs with our special LIMITED ADDITION collaboration sets. I was telling her I really needed to get some new chain and findings since it had been AGES since I really spent a good amount of money on beading supplies(my main sink hole is glass ;P ). She was such a sweet heart and offered to send me a fun little package of some chain and other goodies to help get me inspired. She said she was really excited to get a box together for me since she loved picking out goodies to send. YAY! Well I couldn't leave my girl empty handed so I got together a box for her as well! You can see what she received from me here.

Oooo just look at this mix! Some of Staci's wonderful Sea Urchin charms, a patinated star with a face and one of her lovely wired swirly connectors she has used in her jewelry.
Here is one of her necklaces she made with a similar one :)

Oh look at all of this AWESOME chain!! I love these antiqued copper and brass chains! 

Look! She even sent me some of the SUPER CHUNKY chain she has! I just LOVE it!

She actually sent me 2 of her BEAUTIFUL  Batik Style "Hippy Girl" focals, but I already used on in a necklace! He he!

Awwww! She even MADE me jump rings! Now that is love! I can't imagine winding all of those up and cutting them all! Blegch! What a sweet girl!

Ooooo just look at this beautiful leaf focal and some wonderful metal shells!

OMG she even sent me some of her amazing Loopty Loop focals and her wonderful spiral s clasps! I just LOVE these!!

Awww fresh water pearls in my colors :) and some mop sticks, a large oval coral? barrel and a mop hoop.

Some more sea urchin spines! Some red(thank God, I have like NO red beads at all!) some wonderful kind of  fossily looking gray stones, some copper beads, and some other wonderful stones in oranges, and browns!

Look! She even sent me one of those gorgeous wire worked sea glass rings she had made for her shows!! I just LOVE it when she sends me jewelry too! I even have some pretty nails to show it off ;) 

Here are those rings I was telling you about...
Aren't they amazing?! I just love mine!!

I love black labradorite, turquoise  and amazonite! She even sent some dark green stones and some mixed ones!

Awww! she sent me some leather and suede as well! 

Staci makes these amazing cuff bracelets! You can see one below.
Sweet huh?!

OMG! Love these! Little texture stamped and patinated spirals and some little bronze organic dangles! They are SOOO sweet!

Oh here is my other batik style "Hippy Girl" focal that worked up perfectly into a design I had sitting on my table along with some of Karen's amazing "Clay Ding" beads

Staci, words can't fully express my gratitude for your kindness, inspiration and friendship! 
Thanks so much!!

xo Genea


Cindy said...

Oh MY GOODNESS what loot you received from Staci!! Yes she sure spoiled you. And who wouldn't want to be spoiled with a package like that?? So much goodness at once. I just love those Hippy Girl connectors and the wire components. You're one lucky lady, Genea!

Genea said...

I know it!! She sure did and I love it! :D Yeah I know! :) Me too! I love the necklace I made featuring mine :) I have a few in my stash ;) I am! Thanks so much for stopping by Cindy!

xo Genea

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