Friday, July 6, 2012

Rainbows at Midnight- NEW designs and shop update!

Hello friends!

Well I beat the heat! Here in the midwest saying the weather has been hot is an understatement.... We have been hitting over 100+ for the last few weeks. It seems like it will never end. BUT.. despite the heat, I have been making those beads for all of your lovely people out there :D

I am SUPER ecstatic to introduce some NEW designs! Come  check out what's in the shop today!
Sometimes you take an amazing design and make it larger or smaller. Here you can see the Tornado Candy Ruffle Button "Midnight Jewel" in large and small sizes. I have more large focals back in the shop!
Here they all in "small size"! The same awesomeness of the large focal only small and SUPER detailed! Tornado Candy Ruffle Button "Midnight Jewel" Small.

Then you take an already amazing design and push it further....
They started here....

Then went to here...
... and ended up HERE! O... M.... G...! Are these GORGEOUS, or what?!
Introducing the NEWEST Wing Ding designs: "Rainbow Ribbon," "Rainbow Leopard," and "Silver Thread" with bubble button dots! Wing Dings "Ribbon Spots and Threads". Oh and they are PAIRS!
If they weren't awesome enough on the front, the back is even gorgeous! The design has the bubble on the front side for comfort when wearing ;)
Just so you can get a good idea of the awesomeness of these beads.... Yeah, UH-MAZING :D

Now every good design needs some spacers, right? Simple, swirly, black. Perfect.

Ok so these babies aren't exactly rainbow, but they are black and AWESOME. I actually made these to use in my design for my bridesmaid's jewelry for Brandon and Holly's wedding. I didn't end up using them in my design, but thought you sure would enjoy it if I added them to the shop ;)

Here is a sneaky peeky of one of Staci's designs! 
Well my faithful followers. It's coming. I know, I know. We have been saying that, but as they say "The best things in life are worth waiting for....". It's true! So I believe Staci has just finished getting the last bit of her designs finished for the sets. We are spending some time creating some new pieces to feature the beads and will be posting soon! For more updates, you can feel free to check our blogs or, better yet, facebook accounts (Genea Staci) for updated info! 

See ya soon!

xo Genea


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