Monday, September 3, 2012

Up and running- Re-stocked in the shop.

Hello friends!

Wow, 2 weeks seems like an eternity to not be making lampwork beads. It turns out that my element took awhile to get to the glass hive before getting shipped to me. I am so grateful to have my kiln fixed and up and running again.

I re-stocked  few things in the shop to tide you over until I can get to stocking and making some more new things this coming week.

Here is what is back in stock...
Spiral Earth Stones "Frosted Fiber".  I just love these! There is something about the texture and look to them. They would be gorgeous with some semi-precious stones,  beach glass, or something tribal. 

The SUPER popular "Bright Earth" Wing Dings. I can hardly keep these in stock. It seems like every time i stock them they sell out quickly. I just fell in LOVE with this palette and seems like you all did too. Especially wonderful for this time from summer into fall.  I got a really gorgeous batch of the terra cotta this time around too ;)

What else has been going on....

Here is a shot of my most recent glass order. Ahhhhh it feels so good to re-stock some glass colors! 
New glass, new kiln fiber blanket, new bead release, new kiln element! 

I have been doing some designing too. Some stuff is still waiting to be assembled, but this one worked up pretty quickly. A simple design from me! Crazy, right? I always get so complex. These beads just jumped together. The bicone is from MAKU Studio and the faces from from Wonderous Strange. 
Pretty sure I am OBSESSED with Staci's Loopty-Loops and swirl s clasps too. This time I had to make my own clasp since I ran out of hers ;)

I always love seeing jewelry worn. It just gives it such life. That is what I love about Staci's photos. She is always showing her jewelry on. Makes such a difference huh?

What you can look forward to. This is what I was working on before my kiln crapped out. Um.... yeah, pretty f*ing amazing if you ask me! >:D

Well I must be off, but have a happy Labor Day! 

See you soon!

xo Genea


Rebecca said...

Love the sea glass wingdings!!

Genea said...

Thanks Rebecca! More to come hopefully this week. xo Genea

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