Saturday, September 8, 2012

The talented women behind Creative Bead Chat

Hello friends!

Today we are recognizing the hard work of the ladies that run the Creative Bead Chat. If you aren't familiar with this wonderful group of beady peeps I would encourage you to check it out! 

So who are the ladies behind the beads?

Meet Melinda Orr, She does some gorgeous metals and mixes them with leather! You may better recognize her by her work below.

Meet Marla James, she does some beautiful works of clay! You may recognize her by her voluptuous women.

Meet one of my very good friends, Karen Totten who does the most incredibly detailed tiny clay masterpieces! You might recognize her by her wonderful little star beads.

Meet Marla Gibson, she rocks the seed beads! Here you can see some of her very detailed works.

Meet Kiersten Giles, she makes some incredible jewelry! Just check out how she rocks these buttons!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our amazing gals!

Have a great weekend!

xo Genea


Karen Totten said...

Thank you for posting this! :)

Genea said...

YW glad to help :)

xo Genea

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Love the comments, Genea. I was looking for an image for Marla G, but of course nothing on her Etsy right now. I never thought to check her blog. I only linked to about 6 or 7 blogs so far. I wonder if some are posting in other streams?

Genea said...

:) Yeah, I noticed that as well. I'm not sure. You could always join the Creative Bead Chat group on facebook for more links :)

xo Genea

Linda Landig said...

These talented, hard working woman deserve all the praise and recognition they can get.I am so thankful for their friendship, support and inspiration!

Melinda Orr said...

Thanks so much for sharing our links! Looking forward to our future endeavors!! Good luck on your new blog too!

Genea said...

They do Linda and they are awesome!

You're welcome Melinda! Me too! Thanks so much!

xo Genea

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Genea!

Genea said...

Thank you :) Just doing a "short and sweet" "shout out" to our amazing gals!

xo Genea

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