Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of the Rope.

Hello friends!

Have you ever gotten to the end of your rope? I think I am there. I don't know if you happened to catch the "death" that has been circulating, but I have. Ugh.. is it AWFUL! What happened to "normal" colds? You know the ones you would have for a few days and then they were gone? Well this one started out with a dry agitated spot on the back of your throat/nose area. It was proceeded by stuffy sinus' with no snot. You know, the horrible kind where you can't breathe out of either nostril and desperately breath through your mouth. The WORSE kind to have if you want to get sleep, the thing that actually cures being sick! Ugh.. so that turns into this NASTY head cold. Your ears are plugged, your nose is stuffed, and then it just DRIPS and you SNEEZE your brains out. You go through BOXES of tissue(now you see why they are selling them in 4 packs)! I think I dosed up on EVERYTHING. I started out holistic with my Emergen-C, my echinacea tea, Umcka drops, and then finally the generic ny-quil night and day pills. So after a few days you finally start to feel better. You can start to breathe out of your nose, but you still can't taste or hear anything. It's STILL like this. Ugh it's SO obnoxious! So yes, I made you suffer through the details of my cold just so you could understand what I was going through(and what to expect if you happen to be lucky enough to catch this one). 

So, of course I was behind schedule with production right? I had to get through a run of weeny dings which I just now finished. I wanted to make more so I could offer up more sets, but I just couldn't make ONE MORE. Not even ONE... I tried to push on through, and I finally gave up today. I added to many things to my list. I agonized and then I just said F* IT! I stopped what I was doing and just moved onto an idea that I had been waiting to get to. WOW, I can't hardly wait to open up the kiln door tonight and see my masterpiece! I was so mesmerized by my work that the world could have ended around me and I wouldn't have noticed(not that I could have heard it anyways with my ears STILL being plugged) ;) 

Do you do this to yourself? Give yourself some insane "To-do"list that not even the most organized and motivated person could EVER get through? I do this to myself all the time and how to I feel? Like absolute doo doo. It'a awful. So maybe you do this too and you can assure me I am not alone in this self sabotage. 

So you know if you scrap your "to-do" list you have to come up with some other solution, right?  So what's mine? Well I made all of this stuff right, it's just not the sets I had planned on making, right. You all did tell me that you like mixed sets and things, right? So I figured that I would just get together random sets of goodies and put those in my shop! Brilliant, right? Right. So that is exactly what I am going to do. 

I got together some sets of 3 fancy headpins to put in mixed sets. So I will work on getting those done over the next few days. Then onto some weeny ding mixed sets, I think. It sounded good in my head anyways... lol.

Well off to work!

See you soon!

xo Genea


Alice said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you caught this nasty bug! I'm just finishing up on it, as is my youngest daughter. It does go away...eventually.

I'm looking at an insane to-do list right now. My problem is saying no. It's totally self inflicted but worth the effort. Don't beat yourslelf up over it. No one will die because you didn't get it all done..right?

Feel better!

AliMc said...

You are not alone, in the list thing anyway. Just got back to making myself a list to get more done, but I don't do it for jewelry except to block in time for it. And yes, I do end up with far too much on it, lol. As for the cold, that hasn't struck us yet, hope you are all better soon.

Libellula Jewelry said...

Good health ~vibes~ are heading your way :)

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Genea - I have the exact same cold and it is awful! I just reached the "ears plugged" stage. So sorry that you have had to deal with it also (and Alice, too)! I also do the "insane to do list" thing. I like you idea of the mixed kits. Hope you feel better soon. Also wanted to mention that my blog has moved to a new location:

Genea said...

Alice- Thanks for your sympathy! It was pretty awful! Thank God huh?!

Yeah, I hear ya. I hate to disappoint :( Thanks for your encouragement :) I guess you're right ;)

Thanks so much!

Ali- Yeah? Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one ;) I hope you don't get it!

Libellula- Thanks so much!

xo Genea

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