Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday MIXER... well in glass ;) Shop Update.

Hello friends!

Happy Friday! Who doesn't love a mixer? Well normally you know that involves some nice frou frou drinks and unwinding after the work week. Well I have a little Mixer for you in my shop! I asked my Bead Babes if they thought anyone would be interested in some random sets of 3 headpins. You know a nice little sampling of this and that. They said yes, so I figured what the hell, right?! So there they are!

Mixer 1- Flowers- This set is a fun mix of 3 experimental designs. Just some fun I had making some glass, but never got around to making more. These are little cone flowers with a pod center and dotted center along with a bumply round. Fun!

Mixer 2- Dot, Pod, Swirl- A wonderful "Swirl pod," spiral round and bumply glittery round. 

Mixer 3- Rainbow Sand and Storm- Um... YUM! You can NEVER go wrong with a little raku, silver and some earthy tones. I just LOVE this wonderful sandy golden brown and this earthy brown gray! So pretty! This is another set of experimentals, oh and one from when I made these earrings for myself ;) 
Galaxy beads are by MAKU Studio and Paisley Cones are by Kristi Bowman Designs ;)

Mixer 4- Electric Lime Mini- Some wonderful stone finish, etched and shiny and shiny headpins. Some from a mix I made for MAKU and some from a mix made for Marsha Neal Studio.

Mixer 5- Rainbows and Galaxies- A little sampling from some headpins I made for MAKU and Karen Totten ;) Some shiny, and shiny and etched. Soooo pretty! 


Well you remember me being at the end of my rope? Turns out it was just a small drop to get down ;) You should SEE what I created! I am just astounded that I not only got it to work, but just how INCREDIBLE the design is! That is all I can tell you for now. This work has a story to go along with is. Beauty often has it's troubles. So stay tuned next week to see the new work unveiled!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

See you soon!

xo Genea


Kimberly said...

Gorgeous new headpins and the earrings are pretty wonderful. How much fun it is to see all these amazing components being combined. Glas it was a short drop from your rope. Maybe it wasn't a rope after all but a giant headpin with some glass to catch you at the end!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Genea said...

Thanks Kimberly! I LOVE the earrings! They are kind of heavy and make this wonderful tinkling sound. So much awesomeness in such a small piece :D Yeah, me too! It had potential to go much worse! Lol, yeah let's go with that story! Sounds much more exciting!

You do the same! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a message :)

xo Genea

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