Monday, September 20, 2010

Natures Fury

Hello friends!

I don't know if your neck of the woods got wicked storms like we did here in Kansas City, Missouri. Here are some photos I took after the storm. These were taken at about 6am after the power finally came back on.This was the first thing I saw on my way out my front door. I took this photo with the flash. I wish my camera could have caught the detail I saw with my eyes.
Here is the same picture without the flash. You can see the dew on the web a little better in this picture. It was so beautiful! I am NEVER up early enough to see things like this. I just see the spiders at night when they are weaving their webs at dusk. They are usually gone in the morning. By the time I wake up around 10am the webs are pulled down and the spiders are gone for the day.

You can see a much more beautiful spider web picture taken by Andrea Guarino-Slemmons on her blog. She is doing a picture a day post that I am really enjoying :) As you can see she has a MUCH nicer camera than myself ;)
Here is my front porch. You can see the shredded up leaves in this picture. This is what the house looked like as well. There was a micro burst in our area so everything was covered in leaves like this.

Here is a picture of the ground. Again you can see it's covered in leaves. There was also hail. My feet were cold walking through the wet grass as I took photos. It was weird. Almost like winter with the trees looking bare after having all of their leaves ripped off.
On the left side of the house you can see this tree that split in half and fell. The larger tree that you see to the right also dropped a huge limb into the neighbors fence next to us. Luckily their fence was still standing and there was no damage to the house.

Right now my backyard is literally COVERED in branches. I called the city today to see if they were doing a special pick-up in my area from storm damage. They woman told me that I wasn't in the "covered" area. Really? WTF? Did she not know that I was in the area that got hit with the micro burst? The gas station sign and Sonic signs were ripped from their signs by the street. Pretty crazy!

I will take some more pictures of the yard before we get all of the branches picked up. I can't believe how crazy the weather was! Nature has SOME fury!

See you soon.

Much love,



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