Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mixed-Media Jewelry Part 2- The NEW Designs!

Hello friends!

I must be a glutton for punishment! Here I am hours later back at the computer again blogging to you after 3 LONG hours of listing on Etsy. 3 hours, can you believe it?! Wow! Well I am back for a few reasons- 1. I am feeling more human now than I have felt in a few days being sick and all. 2. I am so excited about my new designs I couldn't wait until tomorrow. 3. Since the hubby decided to go to bed early I'm not cutting out on our time together so I don't have to feel bad about sneaking away to my studio to blog :D

Well if you managed to head over to my shop before reading this you may have noticed I got a little WORDY on my descriptions. I felt kinda bad that there was SO much text, but there are SOOOOO many details on these pieces I felt obligated to do my best to describe them in words as well as pictures. So I will be keeping the descriptions a little shorter here to make up for it ;)


This new series of jewelry was inspired by my very FAVORITE summer coffee, Gazebo Blend brought to us by Starbucks. I was inspired by a paper card that came with the coffee, I believe last year. I loved the floral designs and color palette so I used that as inspiration for my beads and colore scheme."Gazebo Cafe"- Here it is!! This is my very FIRST mixed-media piece of jewelry and the inspiration for all of the other designs! I used the original paper card to make soldered charms that you see on the left side of the necklace. On the back side of the soldered charm is matching scrapbook paper.

I also recycled scrabble tiles and turned them into soldered charms that spell "Cafe". I had wanted to spell "Coffee", but the design worked much better by using only 4 letter tiles so that I could use more beads on the necklace.

I also made some new glass headpins! You can see them on the right side where "Cafe" is spelled.

As you can see the design is totally asymmetrical and I used the following beading techniques: stringing, wire-wrapping, and knotting. Necklace measures 19 1/2-20"(48.26-50.8 cm)adjustable.Here is a close-up of the "Cafe" tiles.
Close-up of the soldered charms.
Some of the collection all worn together in a set. Isn't it beautiful all together?! The jewelry is very comfortable and has a wonderful weight to it. Not heavy at all for the amount of beads on it! Especially the earrings! :D

"Gazebo Garden"- Upcycled from the original coffee card, I made soldered charms. Accents include my handmade glass drop dotted headpins, knotted colored leather with spacer beads, a strung glass bead design, dangly crystal rings and a coffee cup at the clasp! This is my FAVORITE bracelet out of the series! Bracelet measures 7 1/2"(17.78cm).
Here is the back view of the bracelet.

"C" is for Coffee- What a delicious cup! Fun asymmetrical design is composed of: recycled scrabble tile "C"'s made into soldered charms, an oval glass bead(that looks like a coffee bean), Swarovski crystals, Hilltribe silver stamped spacers, and a leather loop with a spacer swinging inside! These earrings dangle 3"(7.62cm). They are surprisingly light for as many beads as are on them and very comfortable to wear!
"Gazebo Botanical"- A super fun and funky lampwork bead bracelet with botanical designs based on the Gazebo card designs with brown swirls and dots on the back.

Spotty spacers are "floating" beads that slide over tiny faceted seed beads.

On the textured silver chain "floating" Hilltribe spacers create fantastic movement accented by my glass tear drop spotty headpins.

On one side spacers are knotted on colored leather with a dangly crystal ring and on the other a lampwork bead wire-wrapped with crystals brings the design back to the toggle. Bracelet measures 7 1/2"(17.78cm).

Super fun with lots of movement, color and texture!
"Cup of Gazebo" reversible necklace. The original "Gazebo Blend" sticker was recycled and made into this incredible soldered pendant. On one side is a beautiful flower garden scene and on the other is a warm sun against a blue sky the words "Gazebo Blend" are inside the sun.

Dangles cascade from silver chain with: Swarovski crystals, czech glass flowers, and a spotted coffee cup. On the sides sit a brown oval coffee bean bead and a heart stamped charm.

Necklace is strung on an espresso brown adjustable necklace measuring 18-20"(45.72-50.8cm) adjustable.
The back view of above necklace.

"Cup of Gazebo" earrings- 2 sweet little spotty mugs with delicious Gazebo coffee inside. Cascading down the chain are: sparkling Swarovski crystals, Czech glass flowers and a brown oval coffee bead.
"Cup of Joe"- dangle ring features a spotty aqua and coral mug, a dizzy caffeinated silver spiral and a brown coffee bean bead on a size 7 sterling silver dangle ring.
"Dark Roast"- sweet and simple red brown coffee beans dangle from sterling earwires.
"Medium Roast"- light chocolaty brown coffee beans simple dangle from sterling silver ball ear wires.

NEW Lampwork Home decor! I was excited to make these new tiny wall art designs in this fun coffee theme!
"Cafe au Lait"- a little scarlet mug with coral spots and a red brown coffee bean are suspended in a tiny upcycled black frame. Measurements are 4"(10.16cm)tall by 3/4"(7.62cm) wide by 4"(10.16cm)across. Zig-zag metal assembly on back for easy hanging.
"Light and Sweet"- Tiny coral and aqua speckled mug and red brown coffee bead are suspended in a tiny black upcycled frame. Measurements are 4"(10.16cm)tall by 3/4"(7.62cm) wide by 4"(10.16cm)across. Zig-zag metal assembly on back for easy hanging. The name "light and sweet" came from the way my friend Ashley described the coffee she had brought me one day. The terms mean with lots of milk and sugar :)

Well there they all are! Wasn't that EXCITING! I had so much fun working on these new designs! I can't wait to work on some more fun mixed-media pieces!

The fall blog is right around the corner. I have just placed my order for the blog and I can't WAIT to get the new items! I have all kinds of amazing designs bouncing around in my head!

I also found a place to order some super awesome and BRIGHT tiny leather cording like you saw in the designs above. I can't wait to get my hands on that and make some funky new stuff!

Thanks for celebrating with me about my design process and new pieces! I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Much love,



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