Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hearts & Hollows

Hello friends!

Hearty, hearts and hollows today in the shop! Some of my favorite things to make! I pulled out some nice fall colors along with some super, fun brights!

You asked and I delivered! Here are those Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Hearts, Jodi!

Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Heart- Rainbow Brite- Super coloriffic and rainbowtastic! This was the very first RRRH I made. I LOVE working with cane glass for its incredible versatility and design awesomness! The super lustrous clear is a great reflector of light and all the colors of the rainbow just sing. Did I mention it will match with everything?

Rainbow ruffle ribbon heart- "Tart Tango"- A strange and sour collection of color. Sour lime green, lemon yellow and tarty teal along with red, lavender and aqua ruffly ribbon sides. Holly said it reminded her of the multi-banded toothpaste, but I think I like my name better ;)

Rainbow ruffle ribbon heart- "Sunny Skies"- So do you think I have this thing for sunshiny skies? I must have the name and color scheme shows up in my work a lot. Funny cause I totally dig on the rainy gray days too, I guess these colors sell better than gray huh? ;) A complimentary delight for your eyes or yellow, orange and aqua all wrapped up in super shiny clear!
Bead-inside-a-bead-hollow- "Sweet Symphony"- a little bit girlie a little bit brown and fallish. The perfect color combo for this time of year as the sweltering summer heat draws to a close. A "poked eye" trapped bubble designed bead on the inside with an asymmetrical design on either side. Dotty dots on one side and swirls on the other. Raked petals right around the bead holes.

Florbital(floral and orbital)- "Safari"- A super neutral jungle vibe color scheme perfect for fall! These little hollows are something unique with their zany design. A swirly black spiral around the side, transparent topaz connecting the two and a wild ivory ring around the center. A few little ivory dots and some creased brown petals for the finishing touches. Yahoo!

Nice and gloomy outside today, but no rain. What a bummer! I hear my sweet little kiln clicking downstairs and I just can't wait to finish up the earrings for my most recent multi-media series! Lots of amazing goodies on the way!

See you soon!

Much love,



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