Thursday, September 16, 2010

The debate- earrings modeled on a ear or object???

Hello friends!

I have been reading Kari Chapin's book- The Handmade Market Place and in the book it brought up the subject of earrings. Apparently some people are very offended by pictures of people wearing the earrings and the cleanliness of the earrings they are purchasing. I was pretty surprised by the reactions.

What do you think? Are you put off by earrings that are modeled by a person when purchasing on Etsy or other handmade sites?

Personally I HATE seeing this modeled on mannequins or styrofoam heads. I would much rather see the item on a person. I think it gives them more life. On the heads and mannequins things look lifeless to me.

Would you rather see the earrings modeled on a stand instead of being worn? Personally I like both pictures. I want to know what the earrings would look like in my ears and see what they look like all by themselves.

Are you afraid or offended by "ear cooties", by this I mean that if the earrings were tried on would you not buy them? Personally I am not weirded out by ears. There are far worse "dirty" things like people that don't wash their hands after using the restroom and touching things ;)

Would you all please let me know what you think? If you aren't comfortable posting in the comments would you e-mail me with your thoughts? eyedoglass at hotmail dot com.

Thanks so much for your input.

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Genea said...

Here are the private comments I received.
1Hmm, well, I guess I can understand why it would bug people, but it wouldn't stop me from buying. I agree they look much better on the person for seeing how they hang.

then again, I wore a bracelet to work for a few hours (i took it off by 9:30 am, so literally 2-3 hours) because I was concerned about comfort, and a friend saw it on the shop and said "but you WORE that one." well, how else am i supposed to find out about pokey wires, hinky clasps, or if it doesn't lay right? how dirty is my wrist? so if she was weird about that, i can see why people flip out about earrings.

perhaps a comment that they are sterilized to make people feel better?

2.I don’t have my ears pierced, so hard for me to answer. I would choose no models / mannequins though.

3.To me the subject of having the earring on an actural ear is distracting... I think people focus on the ear, rather than on the earring. Since every individual is different, and so are their ears... maybe it would be a nice idea to display them as you have... off the side of a black dish, or hanging on a glass...

LA Mitchell said...

I think the issue is w/the earrings being sterile. People don't mind sharing w/friends and family but the thought of a stranger having previously worn something is kinda gross.

I stay away from photographing earrings in my ears b/c I have multiple holes in each ear so all those earrings can get distracting but I also tend to make 2 sets of the same earring- one to be sold and one to use as "marketing".

Genea said...

Hey There :) Thanks for your thoughts.

It seems like it's pretty even for and against the earring modeling from the feedback I have gotten.

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