Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The wait is OVER....

So after getting a meal and a shower I managed to have enough energy to take a few pictures. I will admit that my latest flower beads really got me over to the camera to take some pictures! Are you ready? This is what being inspired looks like....
OMG! Aren't these SO pretty?! I had the idea for them in the car on my way home from visiting Melissa at Bead Boutique :D I love it when they turn out prettier in person than they do in your head :D $TBA
I couldn't resist making a huge flower to match those pretty Keylime and Aqua ones that Billie bought. I still can't get them as pretty as Rebecca Friends flowers. I guess we will leave those to the experts ;) NFS
Daisy Vine Earrings(name pending. Maybe I can come up with a cooler name. Any ideas??). $35 ea,
Loopy Dings earrings made from my Wing Ding beads :D I really LOVE these and they are WAY fun to make :D $35ea.
Crazy 8's(remember that card game?). I named them "Crazy 8's" because the spacers form "8's" and they are pretty wild! I actually was inspired to make these after I made my Trapeze earrings. $25ea.
Trapeze earrings! I made them out of super sweet BE oddlot glass from the Freaky, Streaky, Striker pack sold at the ISGB Gathering when it was here in Kansas City. I LOVE the glass in this kit. I am so happy my mom bought it for me! I actually sat on the glass for almost 2 years until I got my minor hooked up! $18ea.
And last, but not least my Candy Droplet earrings. $18ea. These are modeled from Melissa's original design that she made from some of Stephanie Sersich's beads. Melissa's earrings were my favorites so I had to try some :D

Well I hope you enjoyed my little burst of creativity!

Much love,


P.S. Some of these are added or will be added to my Etsy and Art Fire shop >:D


Cinderelish said...

Beautiful work!!

Genea said...

Thanks sweetie! I love your stuff too! I LOVE my coffee mug :D Everyone this is Cindy and she makes AWESOME pottery. Check her out on Etsy!

Genea said...

Here is Cindy's web address

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