Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beads,beads and more beads!

Yes, I know I have been gone again and I didn't post those pictures I promised yet. Where have I been exactly? Well I have been receiving all of my stock from my stores and photographing it. This is the time of year when I swap things out, keep things to make jewelry and add new things to stores inventory, but first...... Yep, some of my special customers get to come shop! I also have a few new stores that are interested in my wares! How exciting! I am always happy to share my works of art with new places and people. Maybe my beads will eventually make it out to your neck of the woods! Anyways, what fun is an entry without some pictures?!

Here is a side view of my table with all of my beads on it!
Here is a shot of the table if you are standing in front of it.

I think I will wait until tomorrow to photograph all of the new Valentine's Day beads since I have more in the kiln. I even did something totally different... Anti-Valentine's Day beads! So for all of you lovey day haters out there I have some funzies for you! Where did I get this wonderful idea? Well a friend had this Anti-Valentine's Day teddybear! It was a bear with a heart that was crossed out on it's stomach! How funny is that?! I thought the beads might be fun.

I think I am digging this new schedule I have for myself. Instead of waiting until I get back from the gym to make beads I am making them before I go and setting my kiln so it will turn off when I have to leave! Ingenious right?! I am more fresh at the beginning of the day anyways so this really helps me when I have to create. My hubby has been putting me through such intense work outs that I am way too pooped to do ANYTHING by the time I get home! By setting my kiln earlier I can also feel free to go out at night! Since the kiln will be off when I leave I don't have to worry about babysitting the kiln all night and staying home! Woo hoo! Sooooo anyone want to do something tonight??

Talk with you later!

Much love,



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