Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello again...

Wow.. it's been awhile huh? Did you all survive Christmas and New Year's? I did. We had a wonderful trip in Colorado with Ricky's family :D We stopped by a few people's houses on New Year's, but I was so pooped from lack of sleep and a killer pressure headache I went home early. I got back to the house just as New Year's struck midnight. I heard fireworks going off all over the neighborhood. Maybe I won't be such a party pooper next year ;)

I have finally got settled in and started making new beads. I was so pooped out from doing Halloween and Christmas beads that I just couldn't get myself started on Valentine's day beads... well it turns out that people really want them, so after my vacation I decided to start some. Infact there are some in my kiln right now. I got my butt in gear this morning and got my beads made before I go to the gym. This is pretty sweet since I have been completely exhausted after going to the gym and missed out on beads the last two days. Since the kiln will be done running it's cycle before I leave for the gym I can come home and either leave the house or just chill. Sa-weet!

I have a ton of pics to add to my blog, but I am too lazy to upload them and add text at the moment. I will probably take some pics of my new Valentine's beads tomorrow and blog about those.

Well I guess I will get going. I just wanted to write something to let you all know I am still alive ;)

TTFN- Ta, ta for now!

Much love,



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