Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ugh... not enough time for everything...

Did I promise more pictures? If I did then I will post them as soon as I take them. I am usually pretty good at that stuff. I guess I should get an unlimited Flickr account so I can stay current instead of hogging up my blog. I guess there just isn't enough money to go around these days is there?

So I was busily making beads to make into my new earring designs. You know those pretty Keylime and Auqa filigranas in the other picture? Yep, they are gone! Billie is now the proud owner of them. A woman after my own heart since she picked lime green and aqua! The earrings looked so cute on her. I was thinking a super huge flower would make a nice pendant with some of that amazing fairy silk. One of these days I will have ALL of the bundles they offer and if they don't all sell I will just enjoy looking at them hung on my wall :D

It was really exciting having an idea for something and then making the beads for it. I even made beads a day and then designed the next so I could make them as soon as they were out of the kiln. It was VERY exciting. Did I mention that I used ALL of my earwires? Ugh... bummer, but I have pretty new earrings to photograph and add to my shops :D

I got a few things added to my Art Fire page, but not enough. I will have to add more items. I have to update that and take some pictures so I can add more stuff.

I have an interview with Kristen Maun tomorrow at 4pm :) I am excited to show her around. I still have my table of all of my lampwork beads still up in my studio. It will be nice to have them all for her to oogle when she is here.

Tomorrow should be a busy day. I need to get some beads made before Kristin comes, get the house tidyed up, shower, photograph stuff and load it into my store. We will see how far I get ;)

Well I suppose I should go. I have some pretty crystal snowflake earrings to add hooks to that Billie gave me. She also gave me some items to finish some earrings, a lovely seed bead weaving book and some cook books! What a sweet girl! :*

Well I am off to bed.

Much love,



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