Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Designs!

OMG so I am SO excited about some of my new designs. For some reason I was particularly inspired on Sunday. It took me until Monday to start making beads. After they were made I had more ideas and made more beads. So the beads from the first inspiration were done and sitting on my bead mat while the others were sizzling up in the kiln. So today I FINALLY caved and made the jewelry I had in my brain. It's pretty unusual for me to have a design in mind when making beads it seems like it's always the opposite. Anywho.. my doodles came to life and I must say I am pretty proud that they turned even better than I had hoped!

Are you ready to see them?

Are you sure?....

Are you REALLY sure?....

Ok.. I am done teasing...

TA DA!!!!
Here are my flowery earrings. The flowers on the left are hot pink with orange swirly centers and the other flowers are turquoise swirly centers with Keylime. YUM!
My new favorite color combination. These beads are so lustrous they just radiate color. Do you like my new photography surface? It just happened to skip my mind that I have this awesome modern table with a white shiny top!

Here they are all together. The top left ones are Turquoise with Lime over the top and Coral dots, the ones on the left are pink and purple and the ones on the bottom are lavender encased with pale aqua with yellow dots. It's kinda hard to see that light blue encasing.

Pretty sweet huh? I was SUPER excited :D:D:D

Ok pretty sure I should go to bed now. I have to get up and make some more pretties :D

Sweet Dreams!


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