Saturday, January 24, 2009

I SO wish I was going to this class!

Stephanie Sersich Inc.
January 23rd, 2009
Hello Midwest!
I have just booked my ticket to Chicago! As usual, this time of year, I'm teaching at The Gathering Place (a.k.a. Portia's), in Naperville. If you have never been there, ask anyone - it's the best place to take a beadmaking class in the Midwest. For me, it's my other home. Being at Portia's is like a warm hug. The class is three days, February 13th-15th. It combines glass beadmaking and jewelry-assembly.
birdy&eggtrapeze earrings

Take your beadmaking and jewelry to the next level!
MORE Beads & Jewelry for Girly Girls

This class is for the intermediate to advanced beadmaker who feels it's time to make more unique jewelry and brighten up their color palette. The first Beads and Jewelry for Girly Girls workshop is not a prerequisite for this class.
We'll make lampwork beads, buttons, cabachons and pendants for the first part of the workshop and assemble them into unique jewelry before the end of class.
The bead-making portion will focus on non-traditional forms - silly shapes that hang off the mandrel, sculptural forms like birds, and off-mandrel cabachons for a variety of settings. We will make the little beads into earrings, both wire-worked and strung with Softflex. The cabs will be made into rings with beaded bands and brooches that incorporate fibers. We'll form multi-component pendants with stacked beads and silver wire. We'll ponder the possibilities and push the limits of glass and beads.
Hope you'll join us.
Contact Portia to sign up - or 630.201.7970

Peace, love and beads,

Stephanie Sersich Inc.


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