Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anti-Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day Beads

Ok so as promised(but late >;P) here are my Anti-Valentine's Day beads and Valentine's Day beads. I also posted these on Lampwork Etc. , but if you don't have a login you can't view it anyways.

Sorry ahead of time for the color of the pic. For some reason it was really yellow so I had to color correct it and I had to cram them all on one page to photograph them together.

*ahem* ANYWAYS... Here they are ;)

Anti-Valentine's Day Beads
Skull and crossbones on a heart, hearts with lines through them, broken hearts, and emo skulls :D

Here are the Valentine's Day ones...
Chocolate Truffles, Kisses, lovey bears w/ hearts for their noses, hearts, love potion and flowers.
How is that for mixing it up? Hehehehehe

I hope it was worth the wait ;)

Much love,



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