Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Christmas presents!

Ok so this one is MINE :D So I guess it's a Christmas present to me :D These beads were inspired by Sarah Moran's amazing beads. It is entitled " Eye love fire". Why? Well I love eyes and fire so why the hell not?! :D
This one was fun to make. It features all of the little snow people faces I make :D
This was probably the best picture I took out of all of them. The purple is CiM's Simply Berry. It is such a beautiful purple. It is kind of like an amethyst, but it's a little more pinkish. I was really excited about this ring. I made it in the same style as my "Crazy Daisy" rings that are up on my Etsy page. I made a few extras and I think I will make them into rings like this and offer them on Etsy soon.

Speaking of Etsy. It turns out I have been creating lately and I do infact have more items to add to my shop. LOL. I went to type add and typed "ass"! LMAO Isn't it funny when your brain does funny things like that? I always end up typing "party" when I mean to type part. LOL.

*ahem* Anyways... So yeah, I will have some more things going up on Etsy.

I am all scatterbrained tonight. The beads I made today took me freakin forever and they are the ones where you stick them in the kiln and aren't really sure if you like them or not. *shrug* guess I will see what the kiln fairy brings me tomorrow.

I am totally lazy and don't want to do my hair at the moment so I am contemplating doing the following.. making a heart ring like the above pic, making a crazy daisy ring, uploading goodies to Etsy and being a lazy turd. I guess we will see how this ends up. lol

Ugh... my phone got shut off. I didn't quite get my payment in in time. Boo. I have to use the internet to contact people by e-mail or by text messages from the Sprint website. Where would we be without the internet?!

Um.. yeah, so I guess I am going to go do one of the things listed above..



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