Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugh.. I should have known!


So I had such an easy time with my tags you know it had to be a total PITA to make address labels. I figured since I had some address labels floating around that I could try making some Genea Beads address labels. All I wanted was the GB logo and my address. Simple right? Uh.. NO.. So unfortunately for some reason you can't use the same Avery templates in Publisher that you use in Word. Seems pretty stupid right? Yeah, I thought so too. So the newest version of Word is so technical compared to Publisher. I sat here for literally HOURS trying to get the damn labels to work. I even downloaded this Avery Wizard that has all of the templates in it. I opened the wizard, put in my text and pic and then it loaded the multiple images on the page for printing and for some reason EVERY time I tried to print it it told my alignment was messed up! How the hell does the alignment get messed up when I used the exact template and Avery wizard to load everything?! UH! Seriously! There should be no messing up here, but NO it had to be difficult. It probably doesn't help that I need a new ink cartridge either! Why the hell isn't there just an option for it to just fix the alignment problem if it's not right? Grrr.... I did manage to print 2 pages of labels that look pretty cute except the GB logo is cut off a little on the left side. You can still read the GB and all of my info so it's not a total loss, but it's still pretty lame it didn't work out like it was supposed to!
*****END RANT*****
On another note my little mishap pretty much fried me out for later. It took me until like 5:30pm to finally get in gear to make beads. I made a replacement bead for my sis' cell charm, a few test bead lentils in the new odd lot Vetrofond I got, and actually made some round beads! It has seriously been forever since I have made round beads! I have pretty much been stuck doing holiday stuff with just a few different beads inbetween. I think it kinda fried me out. I decided I will just have to skip Valentine's day beads to just make some round stuff and non holiday beads.

Getting back to my test lentils. I thought of this brilliant idea awhile back.. So this was my ingenious idea I got in the shower( I usually get good ideas in the shower. I think it's cause I am relaxed )... Ok so I was going to make a plain lentil out of every glass I own since it would cost me a small fortune to make a glass shelf to hold it all. Each lentil would be placed in those crystal clear 1x 1 1/2" bag and labelled with it's manufacturer, name and number. Each bag would then get a sticky velcro put on the back and then be attached to a covered board. Each bag would then be placed on the velcroed spots on the board. This would allow me to see all of my glass at once and it would help me choose colors better. Since the glass has been worked and pressed it will give me a good idea of how it will look after being melted. Those of us that lampwork know that you can't judge a rod by it's unmelted color. You might be very shocked that some rods look completely different when melted and manipulated. Anyways... the velcro would also allow me to remove the baggies from the board and lay them side by side to see how colors look together. Pretty sweet idea huh? I just started my first lentils tonight. I thought since I wanted to see what my new glass looked like I would start with my new colors. I will take a picture when I have actually completed my mission so that you can celebrate with me ;) This MIGHT be awhile...

So I am totally NOT one of those people that like to have projects that have no end in sight, but I really think this will help me when I don't know what colors to use. When I normally sit down without a plan I just stare blankly at my jars of rods and can't decide which colors to use. I ALWAYS tend to gravitate towards Lime Green, Coral, and Dark Periwinkle ;)

Well I suppose I should get off of the computer. According to this article on Yahoo you are not supposed to spend the last hour you are awake in front of a TV or Computer because of the waves they emit. I guess they disrupt your sleep patterns ;)

Nighty night...


Ashley said...

That sucks about all the problems with your labels :(.

Pretty sure I love your plan for organizing your beads lol. It something I would do. I LOVE being organized. Sounds like it's going to take a lot of work though. You have so much glass!!

Genea said...

I know right?! Ugh.. I wanted to rip all of my hair out. I guess from now on I am just using whatever templates they have in Publisher. At this point I would rather pay more for the paper just to have the right template for them!

Hehehe.. crazy huh? I LOVE being organized too! Yeah, I am not looking forward to the amount of time it will take me to finish this project ;)

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