Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Presenting my NEW "Heart Burst" designs!

Ok so I have been off on a creating adventure! I came up with a new design for some pendants and rings when trying to come up with a gift for a friend. I wanted to show you all of them when I was done making everything, but I was so excited I will just show you what I have so far :D My creative adventures like to be lime green since it's my favorite color! If you can't read this highlight it with your mouse and it will change it to something readable :D

I would like to present my "Heart Burst" rings and pendants. I will be offering these on my Etsy page as soon as I photograph all of them :D The yellow ring "Canary" is already listed.

Here is a group shot of all of the rings I have made thus far.
Here you can see the pendants side by side. This pic was taken w/o a flash so you can better see the color of the purple. It photographs really brown/black so by the shadow you can see how pinky and rich the purple really is. I made the yellow pendant first and thought that it had too much fringe for the design I had in my head so on the purple pendant I simplified the design to using just rounds. My very last design is the one that fits my original idea best(I will post that one later). Pretty sweet huh?!
Here you can see the pendants together with the flash. I am not sure why this text is underlined, but whatever! See how the purple looks almost black? You will also notice that on the pendants I decided to leave a blank spot where a dot could go at the bottom point of the heart. I left this area blank to leave room for the cords that attach the dangles. Here you can see the original ring design. The only difference is that in the next rings I have only used 3 pieces of cording instead of the normal 4. I wanted the bunch of cords that come through the spacers top to not be so crowded.

It's finally snowing here. I am enjoying watching the snow fall from my studio window :) I made some of Nana's yummy potato and dumpling soup for dinner last night and I can't wait to have another bowl for lunch :D

Ok so it might not look totally appealing in the pic, but it's totally DELICIOUS! The color is from using sour cream and paprika. If you all are interested I will post the recipe for you :D

Well I am going to get going. I need to have some yummy dumpling soup for lunch and work on some more Heart Burst rings and pendants :D

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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