Thursday, December 18, 2008

Where the *MAGIC* happens

LOL. I always think it's funny when stars say that when they show off their houses on MTV's Cribs, but I guess it's appropriate for my entry. There was a thread on LE(Lampwork Etc.)
showing everyone's studio. I really enjoy seeing peoples work spaces. I don't think you can view this thread unless you have a login so I will just move my post to here so everyone can read it :D

Here is my downstairs studio where my glass and torch are.

To my right is my Bullseye glass. It sits away from my other stash since it's not compatible.
On my left is my kiln and glass stash for ready to use glass rods. The rest of my stock is in a shelf across the basement.
This is one of my favorite boxes of glass. This glass contains ALL of my odd lot rods :D
In this pic from left to right you can see my Moretti warm colors, Moretti cool colors, Moretti neutrals, the rods sticking up out of that box are Lauscha and Kugler. the last box with the vase with purple rods in it has my odd lots from the first pic under it. I was going through my stash and making sure that I have 1 of every rod in my vases to use for beads. Why have all that glass and not have it where I can use it?
Here you can see my Creation is Messy CiM shorts, regular rods(they don't look as pretty since I kept them in their paper wrapper so they wouldn't get all scratched), and my Vetrofond.
Ok if you go up the basement steps it takes you to my second studio(this was actually the second bedroom, but my hubby let me use it for my jewelry studio :D). Here you can see my super awesome flower light and my rockin pop art turn tables pic :D The other brightly colored things are rave posters:D
If you walk straight from the door you will run into my computer table where I am sitting right now writing this blog:D You can see my inspiration board with some beads on it from
Corina Tettinger


Stephanie Sersich

and Dustin Tabor

Just behind where I am sitting is my bead table and bead stash :D
That is all for my bead tour of my studios. I hope you enjoyed seeing "Where the magic happens." LOL

I think it's time for me to get my butt downstairs and make some beads!

Much love,



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