Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Made contact

Ok so I finally got a hold of Linda @ Bead & Button. I guess they are just now compiling lists for this years show. When we were on the phone she said she remembered I was very interested last year and that I am very interested this year. LOL yeah, pretty sure that is her nice way of telling me I call her too f*ing much. You know the squeaky wheel gets the grease! ;) So she continued to tell me that she would know more after the first week in January and to call her then. Girl, you KNOW I will! I AM getting into that show! If it's not this year again than it will be the next. Me getting into Bead & Button is like that ground breaking moment when I know I have "made it" yanno?

I am getting a better response on Etsy finally as well. I haven't sold more, but I have made more contacts and that is really exciting. I will be stocking some $50 and under items at a local shop called "Oh Wow,"


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