Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Presents!

Hey everyone! I thought I would share what I have been working on so far. I can't tell for whom the gifts are(one is an order) so I don't ruin the surprise. I figured it would be better to show you the pic and not tell who's it is instead of telling you about the present and not showing the picture!

Ok here it is....
Here is my first Frosty. I have just been making snow girls and boys with roses, holly, earmuffs and hats so far.
Here is a close up of Santa! I am so pleased with the way he turned out!

Here is my special order for Billie!
Here is the special Christmas gift!

In other news the computer is going to get more surgery tomorrow, but I should be back online the same day. Wish us luck!

As far as beads go I have been working on gifts lately and will continue to do so unless I have some special orders.

I made a new pair of earrings and a pendant that I might list on Etsy if I get my butt in gear.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my mom for the boys presents. It should be fun. I do wish I was out buying gifts for all of my lovies out there, but I am waiting to get some stupid bill stuff paid first. Time to pay personal property tax and get my car all legal again :( Boo! I mean seriously... Why should you have to pay pptax and all have your plates expire in December of all months? >:( Grrr...

Anywho... I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that everyone is enjoying the beginning of the Christmas hussle and bussle!

Much love,



Ashley said...

Oh my gosh Genea that Santa is amazing!! How the heck do you do that?

I actually thought that Bill may have a learning disorder or something. There was this sign next to where I was teaching him and I made him read it. I figured if he couldn't read Korean then there really was a problem. He read it fine lol. He probably just don't want to be there.

Ah I'm so jealous you saw Twilight!! Still a couple of weeks to go :( and yes Edward is hot and I am in love with him.

Genea said...

Thanks! He is a lentil base with all of the decoration on top. He took about 21 mins to make. I was SOOO happy with him :)

Hmmm... Yeah, I don't know what Bill's problem is then. I bet they give you extra sas since you don't speak Korean yanno?

Awww.. well I hope they release it soon in Korea.

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