Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost fixed

Ok so the upgrade is in progress. The upgrade for me was from Win 98 to Win XP, which I am told is now going to totally drop off since the now have Vista. I heard Vista sucks so I opted for XP which is more stable. It's such an improvement for me! You wouldn't believe how much faster this thing runs!

Ok so now for the bad news. I have 20 gigs for memory, but somehow the hd is split and it won't all lump into one place. So at the moment I am running on just 5gigs of memory. This means that I have limited access to my pictures and editing things. The good news is that on Sat. Brandon is coming back to try to fix the rest of the problems.

I was happy to report that my computer is connected to the internet and I do have access to my mail and my Etsy business! Horay!

That is about all for now.

Much love,



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