Monday, November 3, 2008

It's that time of year again

Yep. My least favorite time... the time when I get my first cold of the season. I am pretty sure I managed to contract it from my friends son. Man he totally sounded like crap today too! It's one of those totally sucky ones. I woke up with a really dry throat. It feels like my tonsils are swollen. You get that awful feeling in the back of your throat where it feels like something is stuck back there, but for the life of you, you can't hack it up. Yeah... MEH! Now that it's later in the day I am starting to get that stuffiness in my nose and the inside of my head is all itchy in my ears :( I took an allergy pill to get rid of those pesky antihistamines. I have also taken 1500mg of vitamin C and a b12 vitamin. I got myself some V8 Splash for more vitamin C as well as other great sicky food such as: Plain lay's potato chips for the salt(it makes a scratchy throat oh so nice :)), tomato soup so I could have grilled cheese and tomato soup, mac and cheese and that's about it for now. I was actually contemplating on getting some cough drops. Yes, I KNOW, crazy right?! I HATE cough drops. They all taste like butt! My favs were the just plain mentholyptus ones that Vic's made, but I have not been able to find them ANYWHERE :( I tried drinking some yummy 8 treasures tea Kathy got me from China, but that didn't really help either. God, I HATE being sick! I do whatever I can to escape the evil clutches of pesky bacteria!

Anyways... the reason for my entry (other than whining) was to say that I will be working on X-mas stuff this week pending my cold doesn't leave me bed ridden and useless. I tried to start that today, but ended up being tired and not really creative so I just spent about an hour and a half "gluing" my stubbies to full rods. I will still be working on my latest project of seeing just exactly what is in my jars of lampworking rods, labeling them, and making sure that I have a rod of everything I currently have in stock in my jars for use. It seems those jars have been a very horribly neglected area of my studio :(

Well I guess that is all for now. I am going to try to go find something else to take to make me feel better.

Much love,



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