Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day two

Ugh... yeah, I STILL feel like crap. I felt pretty good after getting 10-11 hours of sleep this morning, but towards the middle of the day I started feeling poopy again. OMG I am sure I am going to have a bloody nub where my nose used to be. I filled up half of a small garbage can with tissues when I made beads today! Do you have any idea how hard it is to be making a bead when you have snot dripping down your face? IT SUCKS! My nose is doing that lame ass being stuffed so I can't breathe out of either nostril, but still dripping. LAME! Wa, wa, wa...

Anywho... I just listed some new items on my Etsy page, as in I just left the page to write here real quick like ;)

I have some wintery beads cooking in my kiln and I managed to "glue" my stubbies together and label my rods. I am not near being done, but it's a start. A sick person can only accomplish so much right? I got out of bed didn't I?! ;) I even made beads, listed stuff on Etsy and voted to boot!

Wanna know who I voted for? Yep, Obama/Biden! Go team. Maybe they can make some good changes and fix our faltering economy. One can only hope right?

Well I think this will be all. I feel the need to dry my wet hair and lay down for a bit before catching a movie tonight with my guys :D

I hope you all have managed to dodge the changing seasons colds!

Peace, Love and tissues,



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