Thursday, September 1, 2011

Etsy shop UPDATE- and other matching beads by Floridity!

Hello friends!

I'm excited about today's shop updates, but I guess when am I not? lol. You know I've been on this ivory and raku kick so I decided to finish up some designs I started when I was back living in Kansas City. Wanna see?

"Green Tea Rainbow Affections"- this baby was inspired by my "What Lies Beneath" beads(picture below). I am all about this wonderful new 2 colored glass that's kind of mint greenish and aquaish all in the same rod! I thought this color would be amazing with some raku and silvered ivory! 

The original beads that inspired these designs.

"Green Tea Rainbow Ribbons"- what are beads without some matching spacers? Can you believe all of that COLOR I got in this set?! Wow!

"Green Tea Rainbows"- and here is what that design looks like on a minty greeny turquoisy base! YUMMY!

"Love's Midnight Rainbows" glass headpins.  

I'm sad to say that Gail's package with the original set is LOST. I had another alternate that I put in the shop and I just happened to get one more heart to turn out. This might be the last. There is no telling...

And now for a new addition! These just popped into my head so I thought I would share. I don't know if you know Barbara Bechtel, of Floridity(and Second Surf), but she does some AMAZING things with polymer clay! I am really enamored with this new "watercolor" style she has been doing. Some of her new pieces match my new pieces so I thought I would share some of them with you!

Northern Lights- Watercolor Feathers - Earring Pair or Pendant Set

Grass Stains- Watercolor Wafers - Custom Drilled Tiny Charms or Earring Pair

Dark Northern Lights- Watercolor Toggle- Rustic Toggle Clasp or Focal



I was SUPER excited to become part of the "normal" world with my shiny new smart phone, the Samsung Replenish! Not only does it have a keypad and touch screen, but it runs the square and it's an eco phone :D

I downloaded this app for the android called "Pay it Square" you can find it by doing a search in the android market on your phone. 

As annoying as it is, I see why everyone has their faces glued to their screens. Am I going to be "that guy," hello no, but I sure will enjoy getting directions, taking payments and doing searches while I'm walking around! ;)

Well that's all for my update today. I hope you are having an awesome Thursday!

 xo Genea 


Barbara said...

SLURP! Those beads play so nice together! Thanks for the shout out!!!

Genea said...

They do! :D Anytime! Keep makin' those pretties, girl! :D

Cindy said...

Your new tea colored raku beads are simply gorgeous! And I agree, Barbara's beads are amazing.

I bet you are having fun with your new phone! That was me last summer....and I did NOT want to become "THAT guy" either! It is so easy to get drawn in though, with all of the things these phones can do! That Square app is really cool.

Cassy said...

Great post and thanks for the update.
Your beads are so lovely.

Cassy from Learn Bass Guitar Online

Genea said...

Thanks so much Cindy! They sure are!!

I really am! I'm sad I have to get a new one :( It turns out this phone won't run the square :(:(:( I am thinking I am going to get a Samsung Epic.

Oh yeah, since I have been the cell phone stone age I am still getting used to my new technology so I'm not totally sucked in yet. I am just excited to be able to punch in the web and do a quick search on the go for a store or whatever I need :D

Cassy, Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Aww thank you for your kind words!

xo Genea

Diana P. said...

Ooooo those beads are all so yummy! And welcome to the "normal" world. You will love your new phone and being able to use Square.

Genea said...

Thanks Diana!

Yay! I have been having so much fun with my phone! I can't wait to get the square and use it for business :D

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