Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Glass doodles

Hello friends!

Do you doodle? I do. Sometimes on paper. I used to doodle lots in school on the edges of paper as my mind wandered in class. I would doodle on the envelopes of bills while I sat on hold waiting to pay them. 

The other day I "doodled in glass". Yes, you can actually do that. Well... sort of. So what is glass doodling? It's when you just create things. You just sit down and make what comes out. This is kind of hard for a production based person like myself, but very important to the creative process for sure.  Generally one glass doodle will spring board another idea and all the sudden you are frantically trying to create this amazing idea that popped into your head. Sometimes it comes out AMAZING and even better than you envisioned it. Other times its absolute crap. 

Want to see my doodles? Lol, well doesn't that sound like a proposition? LOL... Anyways...
Pretty nutty huh? I had dichroic glass, silver glass, silvered ivory and kryptonite on my bead table.  The sunish looking bead kinda ended up with these funky little tendril looking deals. It was supposed to be more sunrayish, but it sure is pretty. 

The hollow bead actually has a dichroic cylinder that goes through the middle. Isn't it pretty? HA! You can't see it! Bummer! I thought the opaly glass would be a little more translucent than it was. It also has these really cool silver glass dots with clear on them. When you turn the bead you can see these sort of labradorite looking "firey" dots. It's a translucenty shimmery blue.

The last one is one of my OLD bead styles called a "Delicous Pod". I called them that because they were so pretty I wanted to eat them. It's a sort of implosionish bead. You can't really tell from the photo since all of the silver glass and clear are very reflective. The outside dots have that really pretty "fire" in them, but the inside ones went hazy brown and kind of disappeared.

So what did "turn out"?  This baby below!
Isn't she AMAZING?! I am totally in LOVE with oriental poppies. This ring was inspired by the poppies I see on my walk to the bus everyday. I just love their little stripey centers, their fuzzies around the stamen and their ruffly petals. Their pods even look really sweet too!
I wish I would have taken a picture of their whole yard in bloom! These particular poppies were growing in the gravel in front of their house. 
They have this little stone wall with a white fence on it and have raised garden beds with poppies and all of these other pretty flowers.

I actually ran inside during my session to look up a picture of them to get a better idea in my mind.  Here is the photo I used for the ring above.
So this one shows some lighter pink and darker pink around the outside. I kinda used my coraly pink instead. 104 glass doesn't really have a dark pink opaque this color, but it would be amazing(hint hint).
Here is the other photo I took with my phone. I ended up using this center with the opaque ring you saw first, but made a new stamen for the transparent one. Now to create another ring!
I hope you enjoyed looking into my brain's scattered mess while designing.

Have a wonderful day!

xo Genea


Cindy said...

Oh, Genea, you are so talented, I love those! Especially the last picture. I hope you are loving your new home.

Copper Diem said...

I do doodle. I love doodling. Those beads are fantastic!

Genea said...

Awww Thanks Cindy! Yay! I'm working on the ring design for that one as we speak! We LOVE Portland!! :D

I'm glad you doodle too, Amy! Thanks so much!

xo Genea

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