Friday, September 16, 2011

Bowls of soup in the shop!

Hello friends!

More soup beads for the shop! I have been busily stocking my shop with similar goodies to Gail's soup. It's just easier to make a huge run of beads in the same style while you are vibing. I always enjoy doing a little raku and ivory binge. I am always pleased with the results and it was nice to be inspired to push the designs when creating her second soup!

Here is a photo of Gail's second soup and the inspiration for my new shop additions.
In case you didn't hear, we were lucky to have Gail's first soup show up! We were both so relieved!
Ancient Magic "Heart Spear". Taking the "Ancient Tablet" style and creating a heart focal was SO much fun! I really love the way Gail's turned out so I had to make one for the shop :) There are just so many awesome things going on in these style focals I would have to take like a bagillion pictures to capture everything. You will just have to take my word that it's amazing or just see for yourself ;)

Love's Flight "Cream" button clasp. Didn't they turn out AWESOME?! I was really pleased with Gail's. I love that little bit of webbing you see on the top right cheek and the bit of silver down by the bottom point of the heart.

Love's Flight "Midnight". You know if' it's awesome in ivory, than it must be equally awesome in black!

"Midnight Jewels"- glass headpins. Wow! These are so much fun to make and use for jewelry! I created this awesome bracelet and used the very first one I made for the dangle accent! Holy freakin' YUM!

"Painted Desert 2"- glass toggle. WOW! Gail's toggle sure was pretty and then the next one I made, and now this one! It's pretty exciting to see what colors you will get when working with Raku. I got some really awesome yellows, greens, browns and deep blues in this toggle set!


Is everyone ready for their bead soup reveal? I know I am!! I can't wait to visit Gail's blog to see what she created! I am also excited to share my creations and design process! My blog it set to post at 12am so if you can't wait you know what time you can expect to see it. Just remember I'm on pacific time so if you are east coast that's 3am for you!

Wow, Friday already huh?! I just dropped my baby girl, Kayla off at the vet this morning for her spay. I was excited to hear that her surgery went well and that I can come pick her up after 3:30pm. I'm so thankful my roomie, Jodi is jetting out of work so take Kayla home. You know you forget about those kinds of things when you have  car all the time ;)  For the most part it isn't so bad. Public transit here totally rocks :D

Well Kayla isn't the only one that won't be having "puppies". I just went to the doctor myself on Wednesday and got an IUC(same thing as an IUD). No kids for the C-K family at the moment. Does this mean we will never have kids? No, not at all. We just wanted to get me off the pill and wait a couple more years before we start out family. Ricky and I are both in the process of building out business' so we want some time to take care of those things first. We are also working on getting in phenomenal shape. We figure if you are in top notch shape before having kids it's best for both mother and child for sure :)

Well I should get going. I need to get my stuff together for our first Orb's lampwork group get together on Sunday! I will be demoing my "Jaw Breaker" bead and showing some jewelry assembly! Our meeting is over at the Aquila Glass school if you are local and want to check things out!

I hope everyone is enjoying this cooler fall weather! Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Genea


Silver Parrot said...

That toggle is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing how the soup turned out tomorrow!

Genea said...

Thanks silver parrot :)It's exciting every time raku beads come out of the kiln! I am really loving the look of the glass toggles :D

Yay! I'm excited to share!

See you tomorrow!

xo G

Shay Stone said...

All of your creations are spectacular and I'm so thrilled that the original bead soup showed up! Looking forward to midnight for the big reveal :)

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