Thursday, September 8, 2011

NEW earrings and Wing Dings flying into the shop along with some NEW recycled designs!

Hello friends!

I have some new shop goodies for you today! Some new Wing Ding sets and some funky new earrings!
"Flying Raindrops"- WOW, so much fun huh?! I just love this design! I bet you can see why! They are full of wonderful negative space for interest and they are so light weight!

"Rainbow Falls"- SUPER spirally fun and rainbows, of course! I love these swirly spacers. The rainbow colors make it great for matching to every outfit ;)

Wing Dings "Crantangerine"- Yummy pink, orange and coral! I picked my favorites for this set including some sparkly tangerine :D

Wing Dings "Cream and Sugar"- super neutral in wonderful warm ivory tones with a bit of blush.

Wing Dings "Juicy Melon"- Lime and PINK?! What? I know, not my normal mix(it's usually aqua ;), but super BRIGHT and delicious!

Wing Dings"Lime and Apricots"- Remember that earthy brownish, orangish, and limeish set I listed a few weeks ago? Well this baby is it's bright evil twin ;)


Well I am SUPER EXCITED to tell you that Gail's first soup ARRIVED! It turns out that when we shipped from the postal machine the package was never scanned in. This means our package was a phantom sneaking by under the wire.  It showed up in Kearny, NJ for a bit before finally making it "home" to Gail. We are both SO relieved!
WOW! Now look at all of the fun things Gail will have to work with for her soup! I can't wait to see what she creates!!

So my roommate, Jodi's birthday is this Saturday. I was trying to think of what to make her for her special day. While creating my pieces with my bead soup, I used one of the elements in her design!
Here were my materials. I took one of her old wine bottles that she had her special wine in(one she created and bottled at a local winery), some of her saved wine bottle corks and some scrabble tiles I had in my stash.

I made THESE along with some wine charms like the cork earrings you see on the left. So from left to right: Wine cork earrings the cool wine stained side of the cork(I used the clean sides for the wine charms), glass droplet headpins made from her melted down wine bottle, a mixed-media pendant with a spiral stamped lentil and glass headpin made from her melted down wine bottle, and a tortured scrabble tile with a decopaged wine bottles image on one side, and a set of spiral stamped lentil glass beads from her melted down bottle with recycled jewelry brass chain :D

OMG, aren't they SOOO cool?! I think I might need to make some of this stuff for my shop!

Here is a close-up of her pendant. I chose a "w" scrabble tile for "wine" and "White"(Jodi's last name). I was really excited to create this new tortured scrabble tile charm! I took the idea from the "U" I made in this sweet "Eye Love You" art frame and took it a step further by adding an image on one side!

Pretty sweet eh?!
Well thank so much for stopping by! I would love to hear what you think about the new shop additions and Jodi's presents!

Well I should be hopping in the shower! We are SUPER excited to be picking up our best friend, Lucas from the airport and going to the Mord Fustang party later! I am totally IN LOVE with his music! Have a listen!
Have an incredible weekend!
Talk with you soon.
xo Genea


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