Monday, September 5, 2011

LOST BEAD SOUP- Just maybe this will work?....

Hello friends.

I awoke at 7:25am thinking of Gail's lost bead soup. I didn't post on here about it.
Yes, this is LOST. Doesn't your stomach just turn? It was even insured. It got all the way to Kearny(I think NJ) and got marked "Undeliverable". Gail spoke to her post master and they said sometimes this happens if the ink is smudged. So I think to myself, ok I did write her name in scroll text and sometimes my address labels don't like to stick to that recycled envelope paper.... Then I thought some more. Ok so even if BOTH addresses were gone then the insurance number sticker should still be on it, right?
So if the insurance sticker is on it and I call EVERY post office in Kearny someone is bound to have it, right? Even if the whole package got wet inside the beads are in a bag, in bubble wrap and in tissue and my BUSINESS CARD  is in there and my GB tags with my web address. So if they opened it I could tell them the contents of the package verbatim to prove it was our long lost package, RIGHT???!!!
I just can't give up yet. It's my ART! It awoke me from a sleep thinking about it. I kinda feel like my beads are like a horcrux(you know like in Harry Potter.). Each one has a bit of my heart and soul inside. I keep thinking it made it ALL the way across the US to get LOST in a city close to Gail. I imagine our package in the post office on a shelf with the other lost packages or maybe it's in one of those huge white bins. I feel like maybe that's where it goes until it can be claimed? God, do they just throw the packages away? Do the postal workers get dibs on the undeliverable ones???!!

If you aren't aware of the process you have to wait 21 days before you can file a claim on the package. We didn't insure the package for it's full value. I don't want the damn money! I want the beads on Gail's bead table getting made into something amazing! That is what I want!! *sigh*
In the mean time sweet, sweet Gail did end up purchasing some of the things that were re-makes of what was in her soup. I added in these and sent another package out.

A NEW design heart focal in the "Ancient Tablet" series style, NEW 2 winged-heart buttons, some "Cream Rainbow Ribbon" spacers and some extras from the other beads I made, along with another piece of sari silk.
I am happy to say that these beads DID make it! This time around I shipped priority, added insurance and delivery conformation!

Well thanks for listening to my rant. I hope everyone else's packages made it safe and sound. 

Have a wonderful holiday!

xo Genea


Cindy Cima said...

I hate when stuff gets lost in the mail!! Hope it eventually shows up.
Looks like it was a fantastic soup!

Regina said...

It is heart-breaking those gorgeous beads got lost... you think maybe Hurricane Irene blew them away? Love that toggle! I put a piece of broad clear shipping tape over the address portion (both to and from) to protect it from the elements. So happy that Gail got some equally delicious soup.

Diana P. said...

Oh that's just terrible! I've always wondered what happens to those packages that the mailmen claim are "lost". I think they just toss them in a bin someplace and forget about them. Makes me sad.

Genea said...

Thanks Cindy! I hope so too!

It is, Regina! :( I have no idea! Maybe the rain from Irene wet the package and made the address run? I did that on the second one, I never thought about the address getting wet and smeared!

I know, really makes me wonder, Diana! Yikes! I imagine that too!

Thank you all for your sympathy and comments!

xo Genea

Skye said...

how awful >.< at least you found out and were able to get her more beads so she can still have time to make her jewelry. And you know about where it is so when that 21 days is up you could still manage to get it back.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Your beads are just so wonderfully beautiful!
I am hoping the best for your parcel to become visible and discoverable in a very timely fashion.

I follow your blog and enjoy your work!

Best wishes for the BSBP!


Genea said...

@ Skye- I know, right?! Yeah, Gail has a friend at the post office and we have already pretty much heard it's a lost cause. I got his number and I will be calling to see if I can find out anymore info!

@Amber Dawn- thanks so much for your kind words and well wishes. I hope you're right!

Thanks so much for following me!

The same to you(I am assuming you are participating this time around?)

xo Genea

Barbara said...

That BLOWS! I'm so sorry!

Genea said...

LOL, INDEED! Thanks Barbara! :)

SueBeads said...

That's too bad - someone from the post office got a really great package...

Pretty Things said...

I just hope the coordinating matchers I sent match up with things. I hate the post office right now.

Genea said...

What once was lost has now been FOUND! Our package was found in Kearny, NJ just a short ways away from Flemington :D:D:D

I'm sure they will Lori :)

Terri said...

Oh I know the sick feeling of having your art not reaching it's intended destination...and with this event ...It's just so frustrating. I hope some one will care and do what's necessary to get the beads found And delivered. Hoping for the best!

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