Thursday, September 22, 2011

Etsy Shop UPDATE- soldered charms, BSBP ring, and headpins, blog hopping and knittin'.

Hello friends!

Wow, how is everyone doing on the hop? I am still slowly making my way through the blogs. So far I'm only getting to the blogs of people that have left comments(at my snail pace) so I have not even gotten a chance to visit some of the other artists blogs I like. I figure I will get there eventually! Keep on truckin', right?

Speaking of BSBP, I got my Vortex Pod listed in the shop today and finally stocked some soldered charms. I was looking back only to find out that the last time I listed some was APRIL! Oops, I guess I've been busy! I have lots more started and picked out. 

It's been a busy time. I am still getting back to those designs I wanted to get back to from my soup inspirations. I have also been knitting my calorimetries.  I got on a kick again since mom sent me some yarn :D You know I have made a few and they have all been DIFFERENT! Yikes, I guess I should have that long of breaks inbetween my knitting sessions!
If you look closely you will notice I ran out of yarn while binding off. Bummer! I will have to ask mom to grab me some more of this yarn I got from Hobby Lobby since there isn't one anywhere close to here anymore :( 

The fabulous keyhole....

Oh yeah, I have been getting so many compliments on the keyhole I used in my piece that I wanted to share with you where I picked  mine up. I got it at a local Portland, OR shop called 1874 House. They don't have a web page, but they do have a phone number which is (503)  233-1874. They are a shop that carrys parts to repair older homes. They have door knobs, and all kinds of different fixtures. I'm sure that you all should have some sort of local shops that might have some of these things as well :)

Anyways, you were here to see the shop updates, right?
"Midnight Jewel Sampler"- Are you sick of this style yet? I'm not quite yet, but I might be done for now. This set was done on black steel wire unlike the ones I generally make on copper. I also added a pod design to this style that was normally paddles and droplets. Yay!

"Tribal Fork Mandala"- I just LOVE this intricate black and white design I found! It totally looks like forks to me. See it? lol. Anyways, I love recycling too so this charm was made out of recycled magazine images and fashioned into what you see here :)
Here's the back side. 
"Water Color Woman"- Don't you LOVE her face? I just think she is so pretty and looks like a water color painting! I was really excited to find her in my stash of older magazine clippings :)
And the back side. Kind of looks like watery smoke. It's nifty anyways ;)

Vortex Pod "Reflections"- All I can say is WOW. So this baby is a "mash up" of my "Vortex Flower" beads and my pod pins assembled into a ring. The flower is made out of AMAZING odd lot Bullseye glass in wonderful watery colors.

Here is what it looks like on. Oh, don't mind the shadow of my camera in the right corner! lol.
Well I must be going. I have been thinking about my newest calorimetry all morning. I got this fabulous new yarn from red heart that is a wool and acrylic blend called "Abstract". I just LOVE variegated yarn and each row is so exciting as you watch the colors change! So I need to get my scrubby butt in the show so I can knit :D

See you soon!

xo Genea

**EDIT** Here is a photo of that yarn I was talking about above in my finished calorimetry!! :D:D:D


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