Thursday, June 23, 2011

More shop goodies! Glass Headpins and Wing Dings!

Hello friends!

Happy Thursday!  So where have I been for btw? Well I no longer have a bead table since my move! Sad face, huh? It's ok though. I have been busily creating beads for you in the mean time. I will get a beady surface coming up here so I can work on some more designing. For now what's left of my computer desk and night stand will have to suffice. 

I took advantage of the SUPER bright sunshine on the summer solstice to do some photographing for the items I am listing today. I am always pleasantly surprised at just how beautifully sunlight kisses glass :D I'm sure you will agree when you see the photos below!

So what's new, you ask?
"Coffee Bean Blend"- remember these? They were in and out of the shop quickly so I wanted to make another set. I really LOVE the sculptural style of these headpins, especially in a coffee theme! :D
"Coffee Bean Blend 2"- Ok so you are wondering the difference, right? Same awesome shapes with a little switcheroo on colors ;)

"Green Sea Paradise"- Yum, huh?! All of my favority stuff! Lime and aquay, glittery, odd lotty. Ok so the y's don't work on everything but the colors and finishes sure do! :D

"Rainbow Streamers"- I know, they totally look like balloon's right? With the spiral they totally reminded me of party streamers. You know, the kind you make by running them along scissors? So fun! They totally make me happy with their rainbowiness and shininess.

Wing Dings "Bright Earth"- is that an oxymoron? I dunno, but that's what they are, bright and earthy all at the same time! Isn't this color scheme MAGICAL?! I took my  "Earth Blushes" Wing Ding Waterfall necklace colors and added a few extras to make this set of 7. I really LOVE this wonderful color gradation of multi colored glass!

I know, I totally owe you pictures of Portland too. I am slacking. Honestly I am all pictured and descriptioned out at the moment. I promise to add some of my favs soon for all of you that aren't on facebook.
Well it's 4pm here and I am STILL in my pj's from this morning when I started my listings so I think I'm going to get dressed and enjoy the afternoon/evening.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an amazing day!

xo Genea


Pretty Things said...

I'm grooving on your color palette!

Genea said...

Thanks! Yeah, I am really lovin' these colors as well :D

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