Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ideas with missing tools

Hello friends!

Do you ever have an amazing idea to create something, but don't have the right tools? That is what I am experiencing at the moment. Awhile back I had some ideas and I keep thinking about them over and over. So what are these ideas and what tools do I need? Well I need some metal smithing tools. Nothing too crazy. Metal smithing is just too long of a process for me and I'm impatient.

I am really digging on these little disc cutting tools, dapping blocks, and letter stamps. I recently posted on facebook asking people if they had a good fairly inexpensive resource for these tools. I was thinking living in a very artistic community that some would end up on Craigs List or something. I tried doing a few searches, but came up empty handed. I am not the greatest web searcher so I may have missed them. I tried looking under "jewelry", "tools" and "art" in my city location.

So what is this amazing idea? Well I will kind of tell you what I had in mind cause you all know how I like to create something KICK ASS and then show the process and finished product.

So pretty much what I have in mind is cutting out, doming and stamping on recycled materials and making mixed-media jewelry.

So how does this tool problem fit in this equation? Well as many of you know some ideas don't exactly work out how they look in your head. I tried to think of how to do this in the most cost effective way since tools for these ideas look like they will be about $250ish. The best I could come up with was to see if I can find a local place to rent studio time that would have these type of tools. This way I can try my ideas and see if they even work. If they do I can then sell the pieces and then buy my own tools :D

The resources that people have suggested to me were Harbor Freight, Beaducation, Michaels, and Metalliferious.

I guess I will start hunting around and see what the pricing looks like. My birthday IS in 8 days ;)

If anyone in the Portland, OR area has any resources for these I would be excited to hear about some used tools and the like.

What creative ideas have you had and what tools did you need to get to create them? Did your ideas work out like you had hoped?


Krys said...

Check out PJ Tool Supply, I was looking at some metal cutters/dappers there and also letters, they have budget (and not budget stamps). I always do a search on amazon as never know

Beth said...

Dava Bead in Portland rents studio space-- not sure what tools they have but I would think a cutting disc and dapper-- Harbor Freight has a cheap dapper set-- Good Luck and welcome to Portland.

Genea said...

Hey Krys- Yeah, PJ Tool just followed me on Twitter. They looked like they had good pricing and they were very nice :)

Thanks Beth! I will have to check them out. I went to Beads Forever and some bead store on Division. Still need to hunt down more bead shops :D Thanks so much! I LOVE it here!

xo Genea

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

You might want to try the following for tools:;;; and even Etsy has some people who sell tools.
I hear you about having ideas for pieces and not having the proper tools to care out those ideas, can be so frustrating! Good luck on the look for tools.

Genea said...

Thanks so much for the links!

A friend just gave me this one as well. This vendor is local for us and offers free shipping on orders over $100(which is what mine will be after ordering everything)!

I think I might check out harbor freight in town too and see how their prices are. I am impatient and hate to wait for things ;)

xo Genea

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