Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday hapenings and show prep

Hello friends!

Yikes I can't believe I am 32! Scary, I totally don't feel like it. I still feel twenty something for sure. My birthday was this past July 11th and my first birthday in Portland!  I thought I would share some pictures of my special day with you :)
Ricky and Me at Pok Pok(a Thai restaurant in Portland) with my gluten-free b-day cupcakes :D My super sweet roommates went up to the restaurant before we ate and dropped off my special cupcakes before hand so that when dinner was over they could be brought to the table! AWWW! What a thoughtful gift! 
So what goodies did I get for my b-day?

Here is my booty from the bead show that was in town. I was kinda bummed about the selection. Lots of booths with Chinese Lampwork, cheap stone strands and necklace cords. In this photo I got some Hilltribe silver beads, bone pendants and a hank of what looks like bamboo tubes with a daisy cut out burned into the wood. Just a few little goodies is all I picked up.

SUPER cute birthday themed treat bags and cards from World Market. My family in law's got me a World market gift card so this was one of the things I bought there. SO if you end up purchasing from my shop and its' a b-day gift, be sure to tell me so we can wrap it up in this SUPER cute packaging!

So you remember my ideas that I need tools for right? Well I found some super sweet Vintage bottle caps on Etsy from Burnt Offerings . So why did I want bottle caps? Well they are colorful and I have this strange love for vintage things lately. Maybe it's getting older, I dunno, but they sure did make super SWEET stuff in the 60's and 70's!

My roomie Michell and me at a bar getting a b-day cider since I found out I am gluten-intolerant ;)

Beadies my hubby bought for me :D Isn't he darling?! He got me Hilltribe silver beads and this cool eye pendant.

A super AMAZING re-print from this darling hippy girl, Jenna! This print was originally done with gouache, water color, and pen. I'm not usually into cats(eventhough I have a Cheshire Cat tattoo!), but I really loved this picture. You really should click on the photo to see it larger. So much beautiful color and detail!

It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland with the kitties, cup cakes, and tea and I just LOVE the detail and colors! 

Do you LOVE it too? I thought some of you might, so I got Jenna's info. Her name is Jenna Odhner and the ONLY way to contact her is by e-mail, she doesn't have a shop either. Her e-mail addy is jennaodhner@yahoo.com if you want to get a hold of her about getting her work. This is one of the amazing things about Portland. There are SO many artists that just travel with the wind selling their wares!
Here is a photo of Jenna. Isn't she darling? I asked if I could get a pic of her with her work. I wish you could see the detail of her other prints better, but trust me, they are AMAZING!

Ok so I might get shot for this photo. It's Stumptown Coffee(one of our awesome local coffee shops) and a Starbucks mug. Ok so you know technically they are both local to my new location just fyi ;) Anyways, I was excited to find the city mugs Starbucks used to make. They stopped production for a long while. I just HAD to pick up one for Portland :D

New mini cards! Yay! These are always hard to find so I always get excited when I find cute ones in my travels :D

Ok so this one I will just consider my b-day gift. This beauty is Sakura("Cherry Blossom" in Japanese). It's super special since it was given to me by a good friend and it's the  ONLY batch of this color out there! THANK YOU!!

It doesn't get much better than this! An Andy Warhol pop art sticky not booklet! I LOVE sticky notes and pop art! I got this at a super sweet local book store called Powell Books.

Here's what it looked like inside.

OMG one of my fav things our roomies bought me. These flip flops are from REI and they are made out of recycled yoga mats! They are by the brand Sanuk and they are SOOOO comfortable!


I will be located at the Radio Room and be set up from 6-9pm July 28th.

So you know with moving and all I had to leave ALL of my little stash of show stuff behind. So I had to get a few displayish things for the show and here is what I got....
In this photo I got 2 cute sarongs to use for my table coverings. It's hard to see in this small of a photo, but there is one on the back edge of the table that is lime green too. I really love the eyeish pattern and colors in the top one.

The chip bowl and 2 side bowls are from World Market. I am going to fill those with rice and lay my beads on top of them. 

The little squareish bowls are from Target. I have always loved the square bowls and was so excited when they made them teeny! No idea what I will use them for yet, but bought them anyways ;)

I am still working on how I will display everything, but those were a few things I got for now.

Here is one of the things I made especially for the show! Super CUTE daisy cake cuppy cake neckalces for $18 each! I wanted to have a nice range in prices so these are one of my affordable finds :D

I also sat down and cranked out these earrings! Sorry for the crappily lit photo. I don't really have a great photo set up area for inside. I just wanted to click a quick pic of the earrings.  The earrings range from $12-$35, $35 for the most detailed ones. Most in this photo are $15-18, which I thought was also a nice affordable find as well.
I will be taking my entire Etsy shop along with some other stuff I don't have photographed as well. I am taking more jewelry stuff and finished pieces than beads since this is more of an art type show and not everyone makes jewelry.

Well that concludes my update for today.

I hope you are staying cool this HOT, HOT summer!

xo Genea


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